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    MItral Valve Repair

    yep. several have even been pres-nutz ;-)
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    MItral Valve Repair

    hiya, first i'm not a kiwi, just lost! but wife and i are up for adoption, though ;-) we're house sitting for a friend in titahi bay. she had to go to france and we said "sure!! we'll house-sit for two months. we'll even pay YOU! " ;-) re mitaclip. afaik it's only a repair option for those who...
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    MItral Valve Repair

    here's the latest i've seen on the mitraclip: in 2015 i was considering the coapt trial (cariologist was flogging it): severe functional regurg...long story... but since it was...
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    So I’m looking at the COAPT trial –an investigation (“here, hold my beer and watch this!”) to see if the MitraClip is effective for functional MR. I’m 78, like to hike and backpack. Two CABGs make valve replacement questionable. I was moderate MR until early 2015, but opened the year with...