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    5 months since surgery. New large lump at top of sternum.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. I've spoken with the nursing coordinator where I had my surgery and they advised to check for signs of infection (Fever) but otherwise I have to wait for the results on Monday/Tuesday. They said it is likely a result of the wires being bunched at the top of...
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    5 months since surgery. New large lump at top of sternum.

    Had surgery October 6th 2010 to replace bicuspid aortic valve and repair aortic aneurysm. This past weekend while on vacation I noticed my incision was itchy (normal) and then a lump at the top of my incision (Sunday). Returned Tuesday and saw a Dr. at a walk in clinic and he said it was...
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    GuyinVA and AaronBAV's surgery - Any news?

    Alive and well. Got discharged on Tuesday. I'm now the proud new owner of a 27/29 On-X aortic valve and a dacron tube replacing my aortic aneurysm. Luckily my aortic root was in good shape! A little tricky with the INR stuff (hit 4.0 with the lab in my town - although the hospital told me this...
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    Repair vs. Replacement

    Repair depends entirely on whether your surgeon has the skills to perform a repair. My surgeon was very confident in his ability to repair my BAV and my Aortic Aneurysm even though my valve is stenotic (despite what Angel says and what you read on the Cleveland site). However, I am still...
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    Surgery Date Set!!!

    WOW you have the same surgery date as me! I'm having a Bentall procedure on the 6th. Best of luck!
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    A very scared wife....

    I understand how scary it is. I'm in a similar situation awaiting surgery in 3 weeks with a newborn (4 months) at home and I agree it is very stressful. I can't imagine how tough it is during pregnancy for you and your husband, along with the financial burden (I can't comment as i'm Canadian and...
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    Bentall's Procedure vs. Valve Sparing (David Procedure)

    Thanks! My surgery is on the 6th of October which is a Wednesday.
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    Bentall's Procedure vs. Valve Sparing (David Procedure)

    Choosing Bentall over David procedure. Choosing Bentall over David procedure. FYI: This is my first posting. I also have an aneurysm of the ascending aorta and a bicuspid aortic valve. My BAV has extensive calcification with severe regurgitation and mild stenosis. My aorta measures 5.6cm...