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    High Resting Heart Rate?

    Yeah, mine was ca. 100 bpm post op in the hospital but it dropped back to the 60's as my recovery progressed.
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    I'm Being Referred to a Surgeon...

    Yep, they do in Ireland anyway. I had to get a letter from dentist before my AVR a couple of years ago. If I get my teeth cleaned by dental hygienist or anything else that might involve bacteria getting into the bloodstream, I have to take prophylactic.
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    Yup, thats certainly me.....when I focus on them they go nuts (or at least I feel like I've tons of them and that propogates more of them).
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    Yep. I stopped the Citrate after about a couple of weeks for exactly that reason (plus it didn't seem to help anyway). In terms of when mine occur, yeah, it is interesting and I used a Holter for 24 hours about 2 years ago (maybe 2 months post op) as I was experiencing exactly the same thing...
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I've tried Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Taurate and Coenzyme Q10 but none of them worked. I've used Magnesium Glycinate for 1 day and no impact yet but I'll stick with it for a week at least. Not sure if I really expect any of these supplements to work if it's not some kind of deficiency causing...
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I'm 2 years post AVR and the damn things (PVC's) seem to kick off every evening for me no matter what I do since early Dec. Prior to this, they might raise their ugly head for a few days every few months but this bout are persistent. They are a right PITA for sure. I've tried the Magnesium...
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I have tried Magnesium Taurate and I'm not sure if it does or doesn't help mine. I might try the Glycinate.
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I had AVR a couple of years ago and go through phases with the damn things too. They may appear and stay around for weeks and then disappear for a while again. They are definitely worse in the evening and at night for me. I had them a few weeks after the op and I was given a Holter for 24 hrs...
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    Mightn't be as long as you think to be honest. I was allowed back cycling after 3 months but could probably have started back earlier from a heart point of view. My surgeon said the risk is more to do with the vibrations coming through the handlebars to the still healing bone in the sternum and...
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    30-Year Anniversary of First OHS

    Didn't help me either. I don't think it made it worse, just didn't do anything.
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    30-Year Anniversary of First OHS

    Kinda wondering the same myself. My op was almost 2 years ago and the scar has healed amazingly well except for about 1 and a half inches at the bottom. It's not the end of the world or anything but it's kinda raised and pink. Feels like 4 little bumps when I run my finger over it. I tried Bio...
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    Had mitral valve replaced 8 weeks ago. Curious and tempted to break some rules..

    I must say, I never really had any particular bad feeling towards my bicuspid aortic valve. I knew I'd need surgery at some stage for about 25 years and I was originally told it could be within 5 years or so but it held out for another 25 years and I was still asymptomatic going for the...
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    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    1. 52 2. Just over 1 year. 3. N/A. 4. 75mg Aspirin daily. Warfarin for the first 3 months post op but taken off it after 3 months. 5. No complications. 6. Very good. I was asymptomatic prior to surgery and I was back to pre surgery levels after about 9 months I'd say. Horse riding nd cycling as...
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    Yeah. I get those as well. They may come out of the blue, last for a few days (or at least I'm aware of them for a few days) and then disappear for weeks or months.
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    OP here. I actually half dread talking about insomnia because it might come back.....but it's not as bad these days. I certainly struggled badly for a period of months after the operation and although it can rear it's head now and again, it's not as bad as it was post op thankfully.
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    Well done!! The first few days post op are the worst part. Every day after that you will notice improvement 🙂
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    Minimally invasive mitral valve replacement

    @pellicle is that Adam Pick site really that bad? I've never found it easy to navigate as an interactive forum. Never really got to grips with the site but interesting to hear that it's a bit of a shill. That's poor, considering he's had valve surgery himself.
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    Smartwatch / Wearable for Heart recommendations

    Yeah, I was told that I was ok to get back on a bike after 3 months as well. I wanted to do it a bit earlier as I was a bit fed up just walking but my surgeon advised to wait 3 months due to the vibrations that come through the handlebars and the effect those vibrations might have on healing bones.
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    Smartwatch / Wearable for Heart recommendations

    I chose not to purchase one of those as I know that I'd end up overanalyzing everything, leading to self propogated symptoms!
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    Ross procedure complete

    I've often wondered about the homograft and why it isn't offered more as an option? Is it just down to supply or does a homograft have flaws that, say a tissue prosthetic for instance, doesn't have? Same for Ross, why take the risk of involving 2 native valves rather than use a homograft?