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    EIL5: How to find a new doctor, labs, etc. in USA, when moving

    Thanks for all the replies, they're super helpful. For home testing, do most of you need a doctor to order or authorize testing strips and then you buy them from some insurance approved seller?
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    EIL5: How to find a new doctor, labs, etc. in USA, when moving

    Hi, I have a question for my fellow Americans. This is a pretty silly sounding question but I've only ever had one health care provider, an HMO (Kaiser). I will be moving across the country soon to NYC where Kaiser doesn't exist and I don't really know how I should go about transferring my care...
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    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    From what I've read is that in general we just don't know a ton about the exact effects that things like weightlifting might have on folks with replaced valves. It's likely to be bad due to the sudden spike in pressure when lifting heavy weights, especially using compound lifts. I'm slowly...
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    Traveling after surgery?

    I went on a hiking/camping trip about 11 weeks after my surgery and it was fine, though I didn't carry a backpack as I didn't trust putting all that weight on my sternum. So, like others are saying, there's a good chance you'll be able to.
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    5 months post-surgery -- thumping heart beat

    I'm about 9 months out and have the same thing, though it's gotten better. I'm now able to sleep on my left side without issue, which I wasn't about to do about 4 months ago due to the pounding. My cardiologist said it's not uncommon and isn't something to be concerned about.
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    I have a St Jude, and I don't hear it probably 90% of the time. Others can hear it pretty much all the time, but mine is quiet enough that they need to put their ear near my chest. This was a big concern of mine as I'm a really light sleeper, but it hasn't been a problem at all.
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    What kind of regular care should one receive after surgery

    I'm about 8 months after AVR (mechanical) + aneurysm surgery. As far as I can tell things are going OK. Some things are annoying, others are better than expected, but overall I feel decent. I'm wondering what kind of care I should be looking for from my primary care doctor and cardiologist...
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    To metoprolol or not to metoprolol

    I'm a 40 year old male, about 7 months out from surgery and down to 25mg per day (from 200mg I believe). I had a rare mono-cuspid valve but am on the metoprolol due to having a lot of a-fib right after the surgery. I no longer go into a-fib and my cardiologist is pretty on the fence about me...