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    15 years and still clicking…

    Congrats on your clicking anniversary and many more!!!
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    3 Weeks to go......... to Big Surgery

    Wishing the best during your procedure and a smooth recovery :)
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    High Resting Heart Rate?

    I believe you should ask your doctor about this, I believe everyone is different when it comes to their heart rate and many things can have an effect on it like: age, medicine, if they're active etc. What were you doing when your heart rate went above 100bpm? And how are you checking it. In my...
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    Medication question!

    I was on a high dose of metoprolol succinate (prolonged release)after surgery which was 200 mg (100mg on the morning and 100mg before bed) I couldn't really feel any side effects now I am on 100mg a day (50 mg in the morning and 50mg in the night) still I have been lucky to have no aide effects...
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    More lancet talk (Coaguchek Sofclix)

    when i first bought the machine it was hard for me to get a good sample and i go used to it and made it work using some rubber for pressure but sometimes it still was hard, then i bought the coagu chek 21g lancets and after that it was been a breeze to get a good enough sample. i buy them on...
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    Where are you getting your supplies?

    thanks everyone for their suggestion, as many here i have been self testing and buying the strips on ebay, i will try both Relastion and Selfcaredepot. Where i live (dominican republic) they dont sell strips or even have inr monitor services, so if its not online i wont be able to get strips.
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    29, male, upcoming BAVR

    Hello Buckwheat, Welcome to this forum / group, as you have said there is a lot of valuable information from many members. in my case once i had my valve replaced and finished my cardiac rehab i was amazed on how much more energy and active i could be compared to before (aortic stenosis, my...
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    2 very important appointments coming up

    Hello Spookygal, welcome to this forum, i remember when i received the news that i needed surgey it was very hard news to hear and to deal with as well. Trying to stay positive may be hard now but it will get easier with time (atleast it was for me), try not to read too much or go crazy...
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    Availability of CoaguChek XS strips on eBay

    i recently bought strips on ebay which is usually where i always buy them, i did get an email from the seller i thought it was for a review but he informed that there is something going on with ebays new listing restrcition and let me know where i can find them (gave me a website) to continue to...
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    On-x valve, what medications are you on post surgery?

    Hello GreenGiant, i had my surgery on november 2022, on x valve. Since my surgery i have been on warfarin and aspririn which i was told i have to take for my entire life, i am also taking metropolol daily (my doses have changed here and there) but i guess this last one depends on each person...
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    1st valve anniversary :)

    On november 21st 2022 i recieved my new and shiny mechanical valve (On -x), cant believe it already has been a year since then, i am super happy and grateful!! Also shoutout to everyone in this forum it defently helps a lot with very kind, resourceful and helpful members.
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    Traveling after surgery?

    I had my surgery done in november and flew back home (dominican republic) on december, if youre worried about the flight you will be fine, just try to stand every hour and walk a bit and also wear some compression socks, that is what the doctor said. Try to get a home self testing kit for INR it...
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    Need Help Choosing! 14 Questions For Those With Mechanical Valve + Warfarin

    Yes that would be de ideal, but sadly that does not exist and we dont even know if it will exist and when. We must make hard choices in life wether we want it or not. i life in a 3rd world country myself (Dominican Republic), i myself let them manage my inr in the beginning but that soon turned...
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    Mental state before and after surgery

    Hey Dr. Cooper, i see you have done all your research, i simpatize with you specially as i felt the exact same way as you did, it is a huge surgery to go through that will affect you mentally and phisically. Since my surgey it was a bit thought to be honest (no sugar coating it) i was...
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    56 years clicking!!!

    Congrats Dick, hope many more will come!
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    Cleveland Clinic just called. Wanted to schedule surgery for next week!!

    Hello karen, i would need more research to know if i would use him or not. For example in my case i was assigned Dr. Elgharaby he has around 10 -20 year of experience and hes from Egypt, i would not personally feel confortable doing my surgery with someone who has little experience.
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    Cleveland Clinic just called. Wanted to schedule surgery for next week!!

    Hello Karen, i had my OHS for AVR in Cleveland Clinic last year on november 2022, so i will share a bit of my experience CC is huge i found it my experience very similar like you say that each department only handles their part and dont really have all the information also i belive they have...
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    First Surgery Coming Up, And Afraid

    its been around 9 months since i had my valve replaced ( november 21, 2023) with a mechanical valve, i dont really think a lot of what can happen, i just focus of taking care of my self, keeping my INR good, doing exercise etc... i feel like mechanical valves have a bad rep to them, but after...
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    Metprolol tartrate side effects

    Hello, Just wanted to share my experience with metrópolol succinate after my surgery (Nov 21, 2022). It has been around almost 4 months after my surgery and I have been taking a pretty high dose 100mg in the morning and 50 mg in the night before going to sleep i haven't noticed any consistent...
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    changes in INR within a week.

    Well I talk for personal experience from the people i have met in the cardiac rehab and on the waiting room for the cardiac rehab and most of the patients who received a valve replacement opted for biological and some of them don't even know which type of valve they got, because they didn't even...