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    Red light therapy and INR?

    I've been told the same thing by my internist. My cardio echoed it as well. It's because NSAIDs can cause ulcers and you don't want one when you are on an anticoagulant. My cardio said I could take ibuprofen or naproxen at no more than the over the counter dose for no more than 2-months. He...
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    Ross vs Mechanical

    I am not sure where you got your info, but alcohol, cranberry juice, green tea and thc are not contraindicated if you are on warfarin. You can have grapefruit, but in moderation. Antibiotics are not required before "any procedure" just some. There is no need for "constant monitoring anything...
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    15 years - March 4th

    Congratulations! I don't remember my anniversary anymore. To me that's a good thing.
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    Surgery this Wednesday

    In that case, going home may speed up your recovery. Just don't lift a heavy bag.
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    Surgery this Wednesday

    Fifteen days after surgery I was doing fine, no complications, just started cardiac rehab. However I certainly would not have wanted to leave home except for in my home city. Your body is still healing from major trauma. I guess it depends upon why one has to leave home, e.g. elective...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    There are several "side-effects" of anti-coagulation making one's clotting ability 2-3 times less effective.. If one goes off warfarin for a surgical procedure there is a risk of stroke. Once one is back on warfarin it can complicate recovery since the person on warfarin can suffer small...
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    11 Years

    Congratulations, may you have many more anniversaries and birthdays.
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    Anyone had 3 valve replacement surgeries?

    Rebecca got 12 years out of her first valve. At 67 now, she may never need a third replacement.
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    Surgery this Wednesday

    In general there is not a magic pill, exercise plan, diet etc. to make tissue valves last a long time and the subject has had a lot of research over the years. You are very lucky to have gotten 20 years.
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    Moving to UK from India

    It depends upon your condition. If you are stable all you really need is your warfarin and a way to test your INR. Yearly checkups may be prudent but are probably not critical.
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    Testosterone - A question for those men on warfarin

    I use the gel. I use it in the morning. This makes your T levels be higher in the morning and lower at night which is what your body normally does. With a topical delivery method, the blood levels swing but not that much. With injections the cycle lasts longer and the swings in T...
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    Does Fluorouracil 5%Cream interact with warfarin?

    That's a question for your cardiologist. My cardio wants me to tell them any time I take a new drug. His nurse gets back within a day to tell me. I also always ask the doctor when they prescribe something new if it will interact with my warfarin.
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    Testosterone - A question for those men on warfarin

    I have been on testosterone since I got my aortic mechanical valve. It does not effect your INR. Per my cardiologist there are no ill effects. Per my urologist you need blood work for a variety T related compounds every 6 or 12 months. You need a PSA test every 6 or 12 months and a DRE...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    I don't like mechanical clocks in a bedroom either. However, I got a mechanical valve and it didn't keep me awake. The ticking went away over time and I pretty much don't hear it unless I concentrate and the room is quiet. Not sure if its due to hearing loss due to old age though.
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    Live from Recovery

    Congratulations, glad everything went well. With time my valve sound pretty much disappeared. I stayed awake for 24 hours after surgery. Usually I sleep good after surgery, but with OHS it was not the case. Good sleep came back in a couple of days.
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    Interesting phone deal

    I walked into the ATT store and asked for a cheap plan. My plan is pay in advance and more than enough data for me (2 or 4G I can't remember), I can't be an internet node for a laptop and unused data rolls over.
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    60YO woman with BAV and severe stenosis

    Many people don't have symptoms before surgery. For me I got my first symptom after I was told to schedule surgery based upon only my echo results. My cardio said to get it done soon so I don't "suffer the symptom known as sudden death." My surgeon said it was good I hadn't waited since the...
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    Interesting phone deal

    I use AT&T on a one person plan and pay $32 a month.
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    Elective Surgery wait lists

    Congratulations! Only 2 weeks away.
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    BAV With Severe Regurgitation - How worried should I be at this point?

    Since you've been waiting since December and they are just now scheduling surgeries from September. That gives you two months before you will get a date. Not being Canadian, I don't know what mechanisms are available to speed up the process. Are there lawyers who specialize in this type of thing?