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  1. Bina

    heart valve annive

  2. Bina

    Sternum wire question

    Sheza, sorry to hear about your wonky wire. Hope it gets fixed up !
  3. Bina

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    Hi Johnny ! Sorry to read that your wife is a long hauler. It must be so very hard to endure this stupid Covid virus for so long. .. I'm thinking that if it was me, I would probably get the vacc, discuss ablation further, and not be afraid of a pacemaker implant. All the best to both of you.
  4. Bina

    Tobagotwo has died

    Bob had a brilliant mind and a kind soul. May he rest in peace.
  5. Bina

    Sweet 16 Valversary !!

    Congrats ! Last October I had my 15 yr valversary.
  6. Bina

    Coagucheck XS Test Strips

    Here in Ontario, Canada I am ordering 3 boxes with 6 strips in each, so that is 18 strips, for $157. A bit expensive, but my private insurance pays for all of it. I pay ZERO.
  7. Bina

    Staying the Course -- September 21, 2020

    SB, best wishes and good luck with all your achievements this week. My big thrill is finally going for a dental cleaning tomorrow. It has been too long...last spring appt was canceled due to Covid lockdown. Previous fall appt was canceled due to hubby having emergency surgery. My teefs need...
  8. Bina

    Testing INR with non-matching chip code using Coagucheck XS

    Eva, I don't think that it will ruin your machine. The code chips are for quality control, checking expiry date, etc. 🥰🙂
  9. Bina

    Coagucheck XS Test Strips Chip Code

    Hi Eva, sorry to hear that you lost your code chip. I have just looked through my boxes and no chip with 403. I think my newest ones are already at code number 424. Hope you can still use your strips and figure something out. ((Hugs))
  10. Bina

    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    In a couple of weeks I will have my 15 year valversary. AVR on Oct. 11, 2005 .
  11. Bina

    Eight year Anniversary!

    Congrats on your valversary !
  12. Bina

    14th Anniversary of my Mitral Valve Repair

    Wayne---Congrats on your repair - valversary !!! (y)
  13. Bina


    Hey, Steve---Congrats on your valversary ! You are a true warrior, carry on. (y)
  14. Bina

    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    Sheza, I'm so bummed to see that you need another valve job. I know how resilient you are and wish you all the best. ((Hugs))
  15. Bina

    Questions about old Roche Coaguchek verses new Roche Coagucheck monitor

    My experience with the Coaguchek XS is extensive. Living in Canada, I was able to buy the monitor in 2007 for the sale price of $ 500.00 It has been my best friend for the past 12 years and I couldn't imagine how many trips to the blood lab I would have made over the years had I not purchased...
  16. Bina

    Staying the Course -- 01/13/2020

    Yes, my hubby had the lower hernia, lots of repair work for that one. Yours, being the upper smaller hernia, should be a breeze to fix up.
  17. Bina

    Generic Warfarin versus Coumadin?...

    Coumadin--brand name---for me. Since 2005. Not expensive in Canada, $20 for 60 pills. And my insurance pays 80 %
  18. Bina

    Staying the Course -- 01/13/2020

    Bob, hoping that you don't need another surgery, and hoping that you just have a mini-hernia, if any at all. Last September my hubby came home from work with a serious inguinal hernia, that required a big surgery and lengthy hospital stay. But he is now rocking a gorgeous 4 inch scar. Remember...
  19. Bina

    Recommendations For Home INR Machine

    COAGUCHEK XS------here in Canada, we can get a doctor prescription and buy it outright. Also, my personal insurance covers the cost of the test strips at 80 %. I have been using it since 2007.
  20. Bina

    Staying the Course -- 11/11/2019

    Bob, your INR readings are perfect and will fluctuate a bit weekly, nothing to worry about. Enjoy your cardiac rehab ! And keep eating healthy to keep up your immune system.