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    Operation #2

    Hi, I’m a returning member. Not that long ago I was on here regularly taking in information which helped so much with my first operation. That operation to repair my aortic valve was only 14 months ago (I was age 40) and all went to plan but have just been informed my last eco showed bad...
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    Surgery Success

    This is Mick who posted last about my surgery on October 19th.. So I'm 3 days out from having my aortic valve fixed. We went in wanting a repair but no guarantees till he opened me up. well my surgeon (my hero) was able to repair it so it's fair to say I'm pretty pumped about that. For others...
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    Got my date .....October 19!!

    I've been on the "waiting list" now for about 2 years now. My last cardiologist appointment recommended I speak to the surgeon. i have a bicuspid aortic valve which will need to be replaced. I have no symptoms whatsoever so struggling to get my head around what I'm about to put myself through...