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    I have had 2 valve replacements within the past 3 years I just want to know if someone is having the same problems as me

    My experience of the Cleveland in London UK is that the best person to speak to (and if I'm not mistaken free!!!) is the Cardiac Nurse Specialist, who should be able to give good advice.
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    Hello, and need help about The Forgotten Valve

    I am 76 and had tricuspid valve repair on 24/03/23 together with mitral valve repair and Cox Maize at the Cleveland Clinic in London UK - now just over 4 weeks later, I feel good with far less shortness of breath, although they do say that your brain is a couple of weeks ahead of your body in...
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    Aortic valve repair or replacement, early 2020

    What a fascinating story, I had mitral & tricuspid valve repair + Cox Maze procedure 4 weeks ago. Like you very little pain, although I had minimally invasive. In the past couple of days I had a big problem with itching on my hands, groin and under compression socks. I spoke to the cardiac nurse...
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    Transportation to doc appts?

    I used a black cab to get home from Cleveland Clinic in London - cost £72!
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    Traveling out of state for next heart surgery

    Does CC mean Cleveland Clinic? I hadminimally invasive mitral & tricuspid valve repair + Cox Maze at the Cleveland in London UK - superb service, I am almost ready for return to work after 3 weeks and 4 days!
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    New, confused, scared, anxious, help

    I would always recommend the Cleveland, I just had mitral and tricuspid repair at the Cleveland in London UK. If there was a word meaning in excess of excellence, I would use it!!
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    I have been put on apixaban following mitral and tricuspid valve repair.
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    New member

    Wow, 10 days is a lot. I may have just scraped in at 76 for the mitral and tricuspid repairs at the Cleveland in London, I read that age limit for surgery is usually 75, but as I'm still 25 inside (my Gibson electric guitar stands 3 feet behind me, although I cannot lift it at the moment!) my...
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    New member

    I wonder what the record is for the number of days spent in ICU after major heart surgery (mitral/tricuspid valve repair) - for me it was 6 days!
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    Transcatherer Tricuspid repair

    My Procedure Description: Mitral Valve Repair: Two neochords (CV4 with pledget) to P2. Mitral Annuloplasty Ring (Carpentier-Edwards Mitral Physio II Ring Size 36 MM) Tricuspid Valve Repair: Tricuspid Annuloplasty with Carpentier Edwards Physio II Tricuspid Ring size 32 MM. AF Ablation: Cox...
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    Transcatherer Tricuspid repair

    On 24 March, I had minimally invasive mitral and tricuspid valve repair, together with a couple of side procedures at the Cleveland Clinic in London UK. I spent 6 days in ICU until my heart rhythm returned to speed. I was discharged after another 4 days on the "ward" yesterday. My muscles are...