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    May 11th is my 12 years

    hang in the Doug, mine has been leaking for 30 years
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    heart valve annive

    36 years ago dual heart valve replacement
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    35 yrs dual heart valves St. Jude

    other dual heart valve recipients
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    19 Years Of St Jude Valve

    congrats you have a long time to live. me, 2 st. jude valves 35 yrs ago
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    Guinness world record

    i hope i am in top ten or so dual artificial valves 35yrs
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    51 years and still clicking!

    Happy anniversary!! I was 32 yrs this easter. Glad to see some old timers are around.....
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    Guinness world record

    watch out record holders!!! i am 61 years old and had a dual heart valve replacement 32 years ago lol
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    23 yr anniversary dual heart valve replacement

    made it another year. Hope everyone is doing well on their anniversary. Wow time does fly by.....:wink2: