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  1. Rich

    15 years ago today

    My St. Jude turned 15 today. My congratulations to all whose milestones I have missed. To all my old friends here I want to explain why I havn't been around. The reason and only reason is that early this year I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Needless to say it has kept me VERY busy. I...
  2. Rich

    on the other side

    Jake, Good to hear you are on your way to recovery. It's been a while since we talked last, I didn't even know you were going in. I will give you a call in coming days once you are settled in at home. Hang in there, it just gets better from here on. Your 'neighbor' in Shelby Twp, Rich
  3. Rich

    We always knew it was coming. . .

    Steve, I'm sorry I have missed a lot of this, been having some problems but not heart related. We go back a number of years and knew this time was coming. I want to wish you the very best outcome, and if I can offer any help just let me know. Hva any of our Chicago members chimed in to offer...
  4. Rich

    Nausea and No Gallbladder

    I just wanted to comment regarding Nexium. I was on it for two and a half years and did have some side effects. But I want to caution anyone who may go on this med that it can have a heavy impact on ones INR. In my case I had to change my weekly dosage by a full 30% and that's a lot. So be...
  5. Rich

    Nausea and No Gallbladder

    Jess, My gallbladder was removed many years ago. As Kathy mentioned certain foods can cause this and I do avoid things that give me nausea. Quite some time ago I was recommended to use Mylanta. You can get it in liquid or caps. It has never affected my INR and does give me some quick relief. Rich
  6. Rich


    Lou, That sounds pretty good. Maybe if you cut that one day from 7.5 to 5.0 you will be on track. I'm happy to hear your surgeon likes it on the high side. A lot of folks with mitral valves end up with a range of 2-3 which personally I think is very dangerous. If a person falls below 2.0 they...
  7. Rich


    Lou, Another doctor with no clue, thankfully you understand. 3.8 is no big deal at all. I assume you snap your pills, so I would recommend cutting back to 5mg one day a week and see what happens. If you listen to this doctor you would be on that roller coaster in no time. Has there been any...
  8. Rich

    question on advice I was given

    I do have to give that nurse a little credit because most would instruct you to totally avoid any foods that contained Vit K. As Dick and others said our old saying here is dose the diet not diet the dose. Be somewhat consistent with your diet but eat what you like. It will take a few weeks to...
  9. Rich

    Ten years of having fun..!!

    Janie, Happy 11th young lady and many more to come. Can't beleive where the time has gone. Rich
  10. Rich


    To all, Regardless of what led to this, I feel it is just one more place to offer help to people, and that hopefully is why we are here. Many don't know that a lot of years ago I met a few of our members on a Canadien heart site. Then a few years later we all joined a small e-mail group to do...
  11. Rich

    Ross you are the MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I can say is this, regardless of what may have brought this on, it is time to get back to what we are here for, and that is to help people facing this ordeal of valve replacement surgery. A number of our older members understand the value of a site like this, because when we were faced with...
  12. Rich

    Ross you are the MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not going to post the story I heard because I feel it is not my place to do so. With that said I want everyone to know what a great friend Ross has been to me. He has helped me with a lot of issues and I always will stay in contact with him. However in my personal opinion due to what...
  13. Rich

    Fast surgery or what?

    Back in the mid-seventies I had mine removed, they also took my appendix out due to an unwritten rule back then. I was in the hospital eight full days even though I had absolutely no problem. That was twice as long as my AVR. About ten years ago our middle daughter needed hers removed(family...
  14. Rich

    My St. Jude turns 14 today

    Thank you all, Tonight we are being taken out by our family to celebrate our anniversary. Greg it's been all roses but as her father told me back then, there is one heck of thorns in those roses.:eek2: Janie when a beautiful southern belle calls me a young whippersnapper, watch out here I...
  15. Rich

    23 yr anniversary dual heart valve replacement

    Congratulations on 23 years and welcome to the forum. I just hit 14 years today and now I feel like a beginner.:D Rich
  16. Rich

    My St. Jude turns 14 today

    After 14 years I'm still ticking, and because of this my dear wife and I will celebrate 50yrs together tommorow. So this week is a really big deal for me with two very important anniversaries. I hope all the great friends I have been lucky enough to meet here over all these years will see this. Rich
  17. Rich

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUVMyBirman, aussiegirl, Alistair

    Happy Birthday to all. Gina where have you been my dear friend? Rich
  18. Rich

    8 years ago

    Ross, Congratulations on 8 years. I remember your story back then, you had a really tough time. But the good news is you are still here. Think of all the good things you might have missed. And would never be the same without you and your great sense of humor. Those Canton people are some...
  19. Rich

    Cataract Surgery while Anti-Coagulated ?

    Hi Al, I did e-mail you and of course you now have my address as well. Anything I can advise you on, just let me know. Rich
  20. Rich

    HAPPY 66th BIRTHDAY Rich

    Thanks for the good wishes. I havn't updated my profile for quite some time, but I can't lie. I'm actually 72 today. Where has my life gone?:eek2: Rich