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    Pre-surgery exercise recommendations (strength training)

    My understanding is that bracing and the valsalva maneuver are the risk: anything that will send your blood pressure through the roof carries the risk of creating stenosis, worsening regurgitation, etc. I'm not sure if weightlifting like that can cause stenosis per se, but my regurgitation got...
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    Aspirin in conjunction with Warfarin

    I'm a 31 year-old with a On-X valve, a history of endocarditis (I say a history, but I've just had it once), and a target INR range of 1.5-2 (I know, I know). I'm very active, and the cardiologist absolutely insists on the baby aspirin daily. I think if I didn't take the aspirin the INR range...
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    I had this experience too, 100%. Depression and PTSD-like symptoms are not uncommon after heart surgery and are well-documented in the literature. I think we all have to contend with the fear of getting opened up again, or of having another heart issue. Talking to somebody about it or coming to...
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    Playing football after a valve replacement and warfarin 2 years on

    I'm 31, had AVR in August 2021, and have been playing basketball and ultimate frisbee again since January 2022. Laid out over someone's shoulder playing frisbee on Monday, bruised my hand yesterday. Haven't taken any serious blows to the head or bled uncontrollably, as I eat well and have a...
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    How has surgery had an impact on family members

    My family has had its share of bizarre medical emergencies (my sister has had bacterial meningitis and a UTI that progressed to sepsis, and my father had mysterious pancreatitis that turned into a massive necrotic cyst and three or four month long hospital say), so everyone was very supportive...
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I'm sorry to have upset people. Was just trying to advocate for not being dismissive of people who are struggling. I took the wrong tack, and I don't think a public post was the right way to approach things. I don't believe I said anything that was egregious or out of line... but in retrospect I...
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    I never posted in here, but my story is basically endocarditis on a bicuspid leaflet at age 30. Moderate regurgitation, multiple perforations on the valve. I was susprised how long I had to wait. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks awaiting surgery. Because they were afraid the...
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    Thanks for responding, @pellicle. I really appreciate it. I certainly understand that you're not a counselor, and what you've been through is much more extreme than what others have experienced. You've blogged openly about your struggles and what you've written about your attitude was honestly...
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I've spent hundreds of hours working phones for the suicide hotline, @pellicle. I hope you'll read this post with care, as I've tried to craft it carefully. There have been times when I wanted to tell callers to toughen up, to stop whining, or more generously, to be courageous. I have become...
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    Do you measure HRV with a health wearable (watch, Oura ring, Whoop, etc.)?

    I can confirm at least for me that after a night of bad sleep or if I have one too many drinks, my HRV will plummet.
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    Returning to exercise after valve surgery

    At bat? I'm not playing baseball so I've no cause to be at bat. Unless you meant "at bars" ... But my behavior there hasn't warranted a hit upside the head either! ;)
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    Returning to exercise after valve surgery

    I had my surgery at the beginning of August. I had endocarditis, had lost all my fitness and a lot of weight (down to about 160 from 180). I took the first ten or twelve weeks very easy, just trying to walk 10k steps a day. Now that I'm about eight months out, I'm back to playing all the pickup...
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    Life after OHS

    I'm feeling better than ever myself. I had no idea how short of breath I was pre-surgery, how much more difficult it was for my body to get blood to the rest of my body, and how much I was being limited by my valve. While I get tired now playing basketball or frisbee or whatever else, I don't...
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    Yoga and Warfarin?

    I was close to passing out when doing yoga pre-surgery. But I also felt so lightheaded playing basketball I thought I would pass out sometimes. I assumed it was a valve issue, and I was probably right to an extent. I've also talked to people who get lightheaded doing downward dog and other...
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    Do you measure HRV with a health wearable (watch, Oura ring, Whoop, etc.)?

    I also monitor my HRV with a device. I've read elsewhere that a lower HRV is the case. If I had the time right now, I'd do a science direct search for HRV and valve disease/replacement, because I'm pretty sure that's been tested. I lived with moderate to severe insufficiency throughout my...
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    46yrs old male in UK with BAV / Aneurysm - advised today that surgery needs to be within next 2/3 months. Scared

    So happy to see you feeling brave. It's easy for those of us on the other side of surgery to tell people stay positive, be brave, etc. I think and hope we'll all get there, but the most important thing in the meantime is that you have people who you can talk to who will listen unconditionally...
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    It makes a clicking sound

    On bad nights, my On-X is a reminder of how fragile I am. On good nights, I remember just how lucky I am to have it. I'm four months out from my replacement, and the good nights far outweigh the bad. It doesn't keep me up and I usually don't think about it. As pellicle said, a matter of...
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    New Valve, New Me

    Thanks again for all the valuable perspective. I'll talk to my cardiologist about bumping myself up over 2. Coagucheck is in the mail. Getting "trained" on Monday. Already hit my deductible because of the surgery, so I'm not paying a cent for the thing. Silver linings!
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    New Valve, New Me

    Thanks for the replies! I refuse to get into a valve-measuring contest... I also refuse to clarify if it's spinach or something skunkier I'm talking about! I'm on top of my INR management, and I'll talk to my cardiologist about clotting. I know it's better to be over 2 than under 1.5, so I'm...
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    New Valve, New Me

    Hello everyone, First of all, thank you for this forum. I've been reading it for a while now and am grateful for everyone's dedication to the details. They've been tremendously reassuring. Back on August 3rd, at the age of 30, I had my aortic valve replaced under bizarre circumstances. I'm...