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  1. Mark Miller


    Wonderful! I'm glad you're getting the support you need!
  2. Mark Miller

    Fun evening interrupted

    Wow! Thank you for including that chart! Just 2 days ago I switched from Metoprolol tartrate 12.5 mg twice a day to Metoprolol Succinate 25mg once a day. I was told the Succinate was a "time release" version of metoprolol, but I didn't realize there was that much of a spike in the release of...
  3. Mark Miller

    New member in a club I didn't really want to join!

    Bruce - I'm glad you're doing well! Please be very careful as you get back into the water. Your strength, balance, and endurance will be much less than before your surgery. Start slow and gradually work your way up. I had my open heart surgery on Sep 14th, and I'm still weak. I make progress...
  4. Mark Miller

    Back on the merry-go-round, or just caffeine?

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope and pray your heart gets better. When will you have the ablation?
  5. Mark Miller

    I’m in the system!

    Wonderful! Will you be going to a lab for blood draws to check your INR?
  6. Mark Miller

    I’m in the system!

    I'm glad you're OK!
  7. Mark Miller

    BAV Club Membership, Feb 2023, Singapore

    Thank you for your status report. This information is useful to me and others who are on a parallel path through life.
  8. Mark Miller

    I’m in the system!

  9. Mark Miller

    Where are you getting your supplies?

    Webcare Health ( is the INR monitoring service that I use because Webcare has the contract for my local Coagulation Clinic. They have the following on their home webpage. There seems to be a lot of money to be earned in this business. Webcare is a Roche approved...
  10. Mark Miller

    Where are you getting your supplies? is known as Integramart on ebay. Today they (Integramart) still have Coaguchek test strips listed on ebay. Last week (Feb 8, 2024), I ordered a box of 24 Coaguchek XS PT Test Strips from integramart on ebay. I got them today, Feb 12th. Inside the package was a note from...
  11. Mark Miller

    Carda Health

    Protimenow - Are you now using original Medicare with a part G supplemental plan? If so, what consideration did they give your heart disease when you applied for the part G supplemental? I have heard stories of preexisting conditions leading to higher rates and even denial of coverage when a...
  12. Mark Miller

    Has eBay stopped listing CoaguChek??

    I suggest you talk with your insurance and providers first. I bought a Coaguchek because that is what my Coagulation Clinic said they would issue me after the Medicare mandatory 90 day wait after surgery. By purchasing the same brand I can share strips and I use the same procedure for my tests.
  13. Mark Miller

    Has eBay stopped listing CoaguChek??

    Nesphito - I'm on Medicare, so my Coagulation Clinic (CAT) issued me a Coaguchek XS meter last month so I can self test. The CAT still tells me my Warfarin dose based on my weekly report. I was told this is standard treatment for Medicare recipients. It is a very easy process. Your situation may...
  14. Mark Miller

    62 years old and meeting surgeon in 10 days to decide on valve type

    Newarrior - Did your surgeon provide any evidence for this statement? I will greatly appreciate if you can provide a reference, because your surgeon's statement is very different from what I hear any cardiac surgeons saying. I've seen some discussion of possible surgical installation errors...
  15. Mark Miller

    Elective Surgery wait lists

    I know that the Australian medical system is very different from the USA medical system. Also, the USA system varies depending on where you are and what kind of insurance you have. Here in the USA, I urge people to talk with several hospitals, because different hospitals will have different...
  16. Mark Miller

    Has anyone tried regular XS strips in a Coaguchek INRange machine?

    I found the following regarding the XS and InRange meters: Apparently this is from a UK government health agency? Also interesting, this is from 2018; so in 2018 the UK...
  17. Mark Miller

    Good doctors in Utah? How to best choose a surgeon/hospital?

    Mayo Clinic in MN is also very well organized to work with patients from out of state. When I talked with them about planning for surgery, they used the test results from my other hospitals for advance planning. Then the day before my surgery, they did the various tests that they thought needed...
  18. Mark Miller

    Hello all 👋🏻

    Spookygal - Wonderful! - Mayo does a great job providing a 2nd opinion on surgery options. I urge you to talk with them. I initially called Mayo for a 2nd opinion in mid August, 2023. A nurse who has worked with Dr Daly for 10 years talked with me for over an hour to document my case. She also...
  19. Mark Miller

    Roche pushing InRange -- are they phasing out XS?

    Web Care Health, one of the 5 companies Roche lists on their website as a supplier of meters to end users, issued me a new Coaguchek XS last week. So it appears the Coaguchek XS is still being supported. The meter is actually owned by the local hospital system (Unitypoint) Coagulation Clinic who...
  20. Mark Miller

    Possible Mitral Valve Surgery Needed?

    I'm sorry to hear about your condition, but you can deal with this! You are basically very healthy, and that translates to good recover from valve surgery. Valve surgery is very common, and healthy people like you recovery well. You have the right to all of your medical records, so ask for...