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  1. slipkid

    I’m in the system!

    Just to be clear - my message to you is not that album name ("So What") it's the song name ("Welcome to the Club) !!!
  2. slipkid

    Has eBay stopped listing CoaguChek??

    Yeah, I will try doing that, but feel it will be a waste of time (will be given a wrong answer or them not even understanding at all). Heck, I recently had an MRI and I called them to ask in advance what my cost would be (long story). The $ amount answer they gave me for that straightforward...
  3. slipkid

    Where are you getting your supplies?

    I'm in this situation right now. Only been self-managing since around June 2023. Had supply of strips on hand and still some left but they all expire end of March. I just asked same Qs that Protime raised in a different thread, then came to this one & realize I should have asked here...
  4. slipkid

    Has eBay stopped listing CoaguChek??

    A very dumb question (from someone with strips expiring in about 6 months and no longer on a managed service) - is it possible for insurance to pay for strips/supplies or do they only do it via a managed service (I need to ask mine I guess), and another question, is a PRESCRIPTION needed to buy...
  5. slipkid

    33yo with BAV and severe stenosis

    Natural to freak out. Anyone would. I even freaked out when I learned 5 years after my OHS that I had another blockage and would have to undergo a cardiac cath procedure. I almost gave myself a heart attack worrying about having another heart attack! Easier said than done but the key is to...
  6. slipkid

    2 very important appointments coming up

    Thx for the red circle annotation. I spent hours (ok, exaggerating, more like 2 minutes) looking at your post but could not see the "red bellied black" and had no idea what it was supposed to be. Now that I see it, it doesn't look very big - that's nothing! I once ran over a huge snake that...
  7. slipkid

    62 years old and meeting surgeon in 10 days to decide on valve type

    You guys are making me jealous about the ticking sound. I've not once in the ten years that I've had it have heard my mechanical valve tick, tock, burp, gurgle, clang, bang, whiz, jangle, whistle, or make any sound whatsoever. Maybe it's not working? I can however hear the wall clock...
  8. slipkid

    29, male, upcoming BAVR

    (Sorry, couldn't resist!) Best wishes.
  9. slipkid

    New Member

    Welcome. I'm also in the Philly area, not too far from Exton. There does seem to be a lot of cardio Drs & Surgeons/Hospitals in this area. Don't be afraid to "shop around" for a surgeon who you feel comfortable with if it looks like you will have to pursue that - but you may just be fine as...
  10. slipkid

    Availability of CoaguChek XS strips on eBay

    Ugh. I started my own home testing in about June of last year. Had a supply of strips lasting me until March. Thought I would be going the ebay route as you folks mentioned up here and pay out of my own pocket but sounds like that won't work now. I am going to have to find out how I can get...
  11. slipkid

    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I had to get away from Biotel as well (detailed all they hassles I had with their billing dept earlier in this or other threads). I did not go to another company though, I went to the do-it-yourself model after having ridiculous hassles with billing for 2 out of 3 monitoring companies I used...
  12. slipkid

    New BAV dx and super scared :(

    dick0236 said: like brushing your teeth😉 I brush my teeth with warfarin - kills 2 birds with one stone! It's one of the tenets of "Warfarintology" :-)
  13. slipkid

    New member; Alarmed at decreasing EF %

    I think it was. I was glued to the TV for 2 days binge watching it - when I first started it was midnight & intended to just watch one episode then go to sleep but I couldn't stop, was just too intense and addicting, stayed up until like 3 AM! Then finished it the next day. The...
  14. slipkid

    New BAV dx and super scared :(

    You'll (spookygal) be fine. Many of us here had BAVs our whole lives (with murmurs). I bet tons of people out there in the wild do and never need surgery. Sounds to me by the time you'd need the valve replaced - if that ever even comes up - the technology & procedures will be so advanced...
  15. slipkid

    New member; Alarmed at decreasing EF %

    Yer missing out Mr. P, but to each his own, not for everybody. The show is quite a bit darker than the movie (even without a woodchipper above) and features some supernatural type phenomena each season, but has some laughs as well to lighten things up. I liked the 1st season a lot. LOVED...
  16. slipkid

    What home testing service do you use?

    I have enough strips to last me about another 3 months but unfortunately they expire March 31st this year, so yeah I'd buy some from you if you have extras with expiration say May/June or later. Just contact me off-list, name your price....
  17. slipkid

    New member; Alarmed at decreasing EF %

    I use this guy. (only folks that watched the latest season of Fargo will get this joke!)
  18. slipkid

    Blood pressure home testing

    Weird, similar for me in cardio rehab. I consistently was measured by them as anywhere from around 90something/60something to 100-105ish. They told me they felt my BP was too low! Then quite often after the rehab I would have to go to my Dr's office who at the time was located about a 5...
  19. slipkid

    I have won my battle and am finally free

    My current GP (who is a good for nothing lazy ass with a priority of leaning towards anything to give him less work - including not following up on anything that he should) does not want me sending him my INR test results (that would require him to spend 5 minutes a week looking them over I...