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  1. newarrior

    Beta Blockers help prevent valve deterioration?

    I was supposed to take them BEFORE surgery but got off them--did you find anything new ? Thanks Neo !
  2. newarrior

    I don’t know what to do anymore

    That's one of the best posts I've ever seen here thanks.
  3. newarrior

    Valve selection question from someone who travels half of the year

    My understanding is some countries don't participate in this service. Plus I'm living out of the Western World in Asia and I don't believe any of the doctors here would take a phone call from a outside lab company. Also they don't allow self testing here or even sell self testing kits
  4. newarrior

    Valve selection question from someone who travels half of the year

    It sounds like self-dosing is the way to fly especially if you're not able to reach your clinic easily unless you've got an appointment.
  5. newarrior

    INR Range 2.7-3.0

    U rok)
  6. newarrior

    Whole Foods Diet -- Made The Switch!

    I am is your inr?
  7. newarrior

    I can't stop crying

    I was diagnosed with depression and 94 along with anxiety but I remember having it at least as far back as grade school if not earlier. Some of us are highly sensitive. Some people might want to read the book called The highly sensitive person by Elaine aaron. Also the people have had a lot of...
  8. newarrior

    I can't stop crying

    You mean depression? Absolutely anything related to emotional or mental Wellness as well as health is scary even in the developed Western world even among educated people. Nobody in my experience or most people don't have the courage to talk about depression anxiety mental or emotional Wellness...
  9. newarrior

    I can't stop crying

    I've got severe depression lifelong that's treatment resistant even with medication and Decades of therapy so I'm terrified what the surgery is going to do to my pre-existing depression insomnia anxiety.
  10. newarrior

    mechanical or tissue valve and an active lifestyle?

    I am aware genius...And I am not asking about Everest --I am asking about dietary changes when traveling and how that affects INR
  11. newarrior

    Foods on warfarin

    HJ How do you adjust your warfarin ? With a clinc ? Doctor ? On your own ? How do you know how much to adjust or subtract to your daily dose ?
  12. newarrior

    Supplements, Diet and Warfarin

    Can get Omega 3 from plants without the bad fats from fish--shoot for flax and chias
  13. newarrior

    62 years old and meeting surgeon in 10 days to decide on valve type

    Harriet - I would hate to hear the ticking of a mechanical valve - it would be no joke to me. I know for some people hearing the ticking is reassuring but for others that would be quite the opposite.-AMen
  14. newarrior

    mechanical or tissue valve and an active lifestyle?

    'The other point I have not seen anyone mention with mechanical valves is the risk of overseas travel to non first world countries where different diet, upset stomach can interfere with warfarin and there is unlikely to be someone available with lovonox as a backup or a well equipped ER." I...
  15. newarrior

    How scared should I be?

    Hey man I sent you a direct message. I'm in the same boat. I'm living in Thailand 60 years old in Bangkok probably going to do the surgery in the next month or so looking at doing it at chula. Trying to figure out which valve to get. I'm also concerned about the quality of Health Care here...
  16. newarrior

    Is it possible to travel internationally for six months of the year while on Warfarin?

    I've been told by more than one pharmacy that warfarin is only available at the hospitals