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    Need a Aortic Valve Replacement before year ends

    Hey Dun! Congrats on finding your bad valve and being young enough to deal with it. I found mine when I entered heart failure with an EF of 24%. For the first surgery, I was 43 and like Pellicle, went the tissue route. 8 years of bliss with no warfarin and blood draws. Got my mechanical...
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    Symptoms of aortic valve failure

    Gia- sorry you going thru this. I had no signs of pulmonary edema but last year (june12) I was out of town and would have passed if My hotel didnot share a parking lot with an e/r due to sudden onset pulmonary adema. I had my valve checked in late April and everything seemed fine but whatever...
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    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    I salute Pellicle and find his advice most helpful. I don’t think anyone is a tissue basher. In a perfect world Tissue valves would last as long as mech valves or mech valves need no warfarin. However, that is not the case. I had bicusp avr tissue replace at 43yo. I didn’t want to fool w blood...
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    New, Returning Past Member - 1-17-22 Surgery Scheduled

    Dano! Just had to say Hey! Had my reop for my second valve on 12/13/21 at Duke w Dr Hughes. Just got released yesterday from surgery, I left Sat morning after Monday morning surgery. They were awesome. I was kind of opposite of you in that my valve was shot and they went ahead and cleaned up my...
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    Tissue Valve

    Thanks for offer Pell. My current situation: First INR test- 3.3, did not change meds as I was 8 days post surgery and didn’t eat much during recuperation. 6 days later- 1.7. Increased from 2.5x3/5x4 to 5 7 days a week. They are ordering me a tester. 1. should I blanket accept their monitor...
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    Tissue Valve

    Hello All- one week out from my new mechanical valve and 2nd recovery suckks!!! Sure appreciate reading everyone’s perspectives and research and think what I found would help. i prioritized my doc over the valve, but was pretty sure I was going tissue for the back to normal seduction. My...
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    Tissue Valve

    Depends on your age. The major risk is how many times we need re-operation to replace that valve. My surgeon made it sound like at 51, just use the mechanical valve & be done.I am not excited to have my blood tested weekly, but apparently through the use of Eliquis, this monitoring should it be...
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    Dec 13- MechAVR at Duke

    Male, 51 Heart Failure 2012 (22% EF) Tissue Valve Oct 2013 Electrical Issues, ❤️Att June Left Ventr stops workin, Pacemaker 7/28 New Cardiologist 7/29 Valve declining rapidly Dr Hughes picking this time- Mech Valve just want to jump in here and let you guys know how much I appreciate reading...