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  1. K

    Cold weather

    Thank you all so much for the concern and the heated rice idea. I will try it next time. Once again thank you.
  2. K

    Cold weather

    To replace my mitral valve I had open heart surgery and a metal plate was used to reinforce my breast plate. What I need to know is does the cold weather cause any one pain in that area? For me it's like the cold finger of death touching my scar area. Sometimes it hurts so bad I cry. It usually...
  3. K

    Life expectancy with or without

    Ok how long will it take till a stroke
  4. K

    Life expectancy with or without

    I have an artificial mitral valve. Does any one know the life expectancy with out taking warfarin as compared to taking warfarin daily?
  5. K

    CoaugCheck vs Coaugusence

    Thanks so much for the needed advice. The dvd that came with the device is very vague. I'll give your method a try.
  6. K

    CoaugCheck vs Coaugusence

    Have been using Coaugusence to monitor my INR for a little over a year but because of they're use and cost practices I recently bought a Coaguchek online also bought box of 6 test strips can anyone please explain to me how to get the blood on the strips the dvd that came with it is very vague...
  7. K

    Unexplained pain and numbness searched effects long term warfarin use clicked on the when to seek help link.
  8. K

    Unexplained pain and numbness

    For a couple months now my left shoulder will begin aching badly if I lay an my right side and the finger tips at first would only go numb when shoulder ached but for couple weeks now numbness although only slight it is constant. Am over a year out for artificial mitral valve replacement. Found...
  9. K

    Home Testing since COVID?

    Am currently using mdinr and they use the coaugusence monitor rent the machine only charge varied amounts and try to force you to test weekly no matter what doctor says. And they aren't especially reliable about reporting results to doc. I have had to contact doc personally 3 times when results...
  10. K

    Thank you

    I don't look at this site every day but I need you the owners of this site to know how much it has helped August 7, 2020, I had open heart for a mechanical mitral valve and also had 20 something places burned to stop reoccurring extreme heartrate 250bpm. After the surgery and awhile before and...
  11. K

    Home testing

    Where can I buy a home testing machine,and supplies? Currently I'm using MDINR, set up through my cardiologist. Problem with them is they don't always report the results to my doc as they should and they try to force me to test every week no matter what the doctor says their calls are...
  12. K

    Mental support

    Does anyone know of any org. that discusses the mental ups and downs relating to open heart surgery?
  13. K

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I just had my 1yrs follow up and had echo 2wks before that at the follow up was taken of all meds cept warfarin and told didnt have to return for a year. But had to keep up with INR TESTING which is real pain. Make sure you get all details for that!!
  14. K

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    Love that story hope u dont mind if I borrow it now and then?
  15. K

    7 yrs today

    God bless and hope you have many more.
  16. K

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    A year ago August I had an artificial mitral valve replacement. I heard the ticking I think it was the 3rd day after surgery. It didnt scare me or worry me at all honestly it was a welcome tick without it I may not be hearing my son's laugh, my husband's occasional growl, or my grandaughters...
  17. K

    Marijuana and Blood Thinners/Mechanical Valve

    One year out mechanical mitral valve in beginning couldn't sleep or keep food down started eating the gummies got from friend told my doctors none had a problem with it and experienced no problems
  18. K

    ONE YEAR OUT!!!!!

    Aug 7th was one year. Just had the follow up at 10:30 this morning had an echo and ultrasound 2 wks. ago all normal taken off all meds cept warfarin of course dont have to go back for a year. Thanks to all involved at tulsa ok. Heart Institute. They're lifesavers.
  19. K

    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    Where did you get your machine? And strips? And how do you report results? Please advise. The new year is starting and are faced with deductibles and so on and absolutely no way can afford more than what paying out of pocket now.
  20. K

    29yrs - valve choice and aortic aneurysm ( difficult decision due to way of life )

    Yes this will change your life. Not only with the warfarin but also the continuous cost of INR testing for rest of your life.. Just something else that should be considered. Good luck. God be with you.