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    Are stool softeners normally given after surgery?

    Prior to my ohs I was always constipated so I was very worried about that after the surgery. I was given miralax every day in the hospital. It took 4 days but I had no problems at all.
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    What have you been doing lately?

    I’m 2 years post op, mitral valve replaced, and doing a lot of camping. Spent the winter in my small trailer camping all over Florida and now spending a lot of my summer camping with my big trailer in Lancaster, PA (that’s a permanent spot.) I try to walk daily but is difficult with the blocked...
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    Dosing after colonoscopy

    This morning my inr is 1.5 I’m doing 3 mg tonight and back to my normal 2.5 tomorrow. Hopefully I will not over shoot my target of 3 (I’m suppose to be 2.5 to 3.5). pellicle what kind of spread sheet should I make? Thank You
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    Dosing after colonoscopy

    Thank you pellicle, i have been reading your blogs thats why I decided on the 4 mg, then 3, then 2.5 of course testing everyday also. Your blogs have been very helpful on my warfarin management. Thank You.
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    Dosing after colonoscopy

    Thank you mister james. I’m kind of new to this and my clinic seems to let me make the decisions. I keep a journal and will test everyday. Thank you again
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    Dosing after colonoscopy

    Hello all, i’m curious about dosing after colonoscopy also. I had mine yesterday with a polyp removed and a hemostatic clip inserted. My cardiologist has me bridging, so i am using lovenox shots but would like to stop them as soon as possible. My usual dose of warfarin is 2.5 daily. I took 4mg...
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    Change in Echocardiogram Guidelines for Mechanical Valves

    wow I guess I was so use to getting an echo every 6 months prior to getting my mitral valve I never thought I might not need to do that anymore. Thanks for sharing that information.
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    Staying the Course -- March 10, 2021

    I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with the artery only that it is blocked and not enough blood if getting down my right leg. I noticed right away after my valve surgery that my leg started cramping shortly after I would start walking. I kept trying to push through it thinking it would get...
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    Staying the Course -- March 10, 2021

    skeptic49, I was wondering about scuba diving since I got the mechanical mitral valve last march. When I had the valvuloplasty 12 years ago they said no for at least a year. I haven't asked my cardiologist yet since we are still trying to fix my right femoral artery from the heart lung bypass...
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    COVID and Rehab

    I was never offered rehab back in March. Sent me home with paperwork showing what exercises I should be doing and was told I could walk as much as I felt up to. I didn't even physically see my cardiologist till July, everything was over video. I did walk a lot back then but was limited due to...
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I use Acelis DachsieMom. I wouldn't say I like or dislike them. I've only been doing this since June 2020. I did have a problem getting strips in a timely manner but that could have been because of shipping problems. Recently my insurance got a bill for Sept, Oct, and Nov but I only got strips...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Mickey, Actually I do feel a lot better since the surgery in March. I can do things now that a year ago I wouldn't even have tried. I walk 5 miles slowly, my right leg cramps because of a blockage in my common iliac artery I think it's called. I'm having that taken care of next week. My...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, My name is Peggy and I had my mitral valve replaced with a mechanical one 18 March 2020. 2 days before my 56 birthday and 3 days after my state locked down due to covid. Everything went well for me except being sick the first 24 hours after surgery. I also had a hospital stay in...