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    Anybody else's doctors refusing to provide copies of test results?

    I’m in Maryland and have access to every result … most through electronic portals. The majority of the time, I actually see and review my results prior to meeting with my doctor.
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    1 Year Today

    And what a year it has been! I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% like I was before surgery, BUT I am definitely doing well. I’m super thankful for all of the awesome help that I’ve received here. I’m still figuring out a workout routine that will work for me and leave me PVC-free and not as tired …...
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    Second Surgery 20 Years Later

    @Jennie Please please be careful with a low INR range. Strokes are no joke. Pellicle above pointed out some information that I would heavily recommend that you read and come to understand. I have an On-X valve too. My surgeon recommended the highly marketed 1.5-2.0 range that Artivion (the...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    Or, alternatively, you convince your doc that you’ll do a better job than anyone else. In that case, you make it like YOU like it. Nobody will manage me better than me. Like Chuck, my insurance will not cover self-testing supplies - and I have REALLY good insurance that covers everything. I...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    Point taken. I DID say I test twice a week - but I left out the frame of reference. Most self testers test only once a week. Stated in a better way: I am abnormal in my testing procedures and don’t follow the standard of once a week testing. This choice of mine differs from the norm and is...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    I can’t tell you what you should do but I can give you my experience. I went through your exact debate with myself almost 1 year ago when I had OHS to replace my severely stenotic bicuspid aortic valve. I was 51. I look back now and can’t believe I even debated it. I’m so happy - knowing what...
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    Second Surgery 20 Years Later

    You seem to be a great candidate for the Inspiris Resilia if going with a bio valve. Not only should that bio valve last longer … but it is also designed with TAVR in mind and can be expanded in place to accept a TAVR.
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    What do we need? (Wifey question)

    I bought about 6 white towels from WalMart and 6 oversized white t-shirts. I used a fresh towel after every shower. I slept in the oversized t-shirts. That said - I understand the recommendation for button-up shirts. Why white towels and white t-shirts? I could use them once and then when...
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    Newly Diagnosed- Bodybuilding and Exertion

    Welcome to the forum! You will find some awesome stories here that are encouraging, uplifting, and motivating. We have power lifters, martial artists, … all kinds of people. I have two comments. First, it sounds like you might not need surgery for awhile and that you’re in the being...
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    How do you prevent endocarditis and blood infections?

    I converted to an electric razor before surgery because I wasn’t very well educated. If I had been educated better, I wouldn’t have. That said - I’m actually extremely happy with using an electric razor because I appreciate how quick it is. No more lathering the face and neck … no more buying...
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    How do you prevent endocarditis and blood infections?

    I’ll second the good oral hygiene. It’s really important. Use a soft toothbrush. Don’t muscle it … let the toothbrush do the work. Floss at least a few times a week (strive for every day). I always rinse my mouth out with Listerine after flossing. I haven’t really done anything different...
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I’ve had them. For me, 2x 200mg Chelated Magnesium Glycinate (one in the morning and one in the evening) fixed it all. My cardiologist recommended this too. May or may not work for you … ask your Cardiologist and follow his recommendations.
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    Supplements, Diet and Warfarin

    pellicle already answered the question you asked of me - why I’m taking “so much” warfarin. I’m not taking so much. I’m taking what my body needs to keep INR where I want it. It’s not dangerous to be on the amount of warfarin that I am on. There are plenty of people who are on a lot more. And...
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    Supplements, Diet and Warfarin

    I self-manage like others here using my eBay CoaguChek meters (yes, plural, because I like to validate from time to time). On-X mechanical valve installed about a year ago. I’m taking about 13mg of Warfarin a day now. I eat a huge salad for dinner about 3 times a week. Other dinners always...
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    Another food (well I don't think of it as a food) to avoid (it seems)

    But man o man was that a super tasty snack!!!!! Wouldn’t have caught this so early had I not been the dork that I am and testing mid-week. The rest of these are now in the trash. Thanks pellicle!!!
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    Early 20's, going to have a second OHS to replace my aortic valve

    A common reop for BAV aortic people is due to aortic aneurism. Make sure that you emphasize HEAVILY to your surgeon that if there is any doubt whatsoever that your aorta won’t take the abuse over the next 60 years, then do a replacement of your aortic valve with a mechanical one that comes...
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    Returning to pre-surgery levels of exercise

    I had an On-X replacement in May of ‘22. I have not returned to my previous fitness levels. My previous fitness levels was benchpressing (freeweights of course) my own body weight 10 times … slow and with perfect form. I would also run 2 miles at around an 11 minute pace. My goal was to bench...
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    Aspirin in conjunction with Warfarin

    Last week my INR was 4.0 when I tested on Sunday. Oddly enough, I didn’t die. Additionally, I cut my knuckle accidentally while helping my Mom and amazingly the bleeding stopped. I have 3 (three) functional CoaguChek XS meters. Yes, I’m a dork. I don’t need 3. I don’t even need 2. All 3...
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    Magnesium for the Heart

    I take 400mg Magnesium daily. My Cardiologist agrees (not that THAT matters). FWIW, it eliminated my sporadic PVCs.
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    27 Years Today

    Heck yea!!!! Awesome brother! Congratulations. Another plus for the mechanical St. Jude’s valve.