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  1. jeffp

    6 Month Post-Surgery

    Wow! Very excellent and good to hear. I chuckled when I read you did 1,080 miles since February. I don’t think I’ve driven 1,080 miles since February. Not heart related, just work from home. You’re an inspiration to not only our younger members, but us old guys too.
  2. jeffp

    Going in for 3rd OHS in 2 weeks at Cleveland Clinic

    Wow! You must be doing good. Posting less than a week after OHS. When I got home from the hospital 9 days after surgery my head was so fogged up I was just able to watch TV. It wasn’t on, I just sat and “watched” it. I forgot how to turn it on. Something like a computer or cellphone was way...
  3. jeffp

    Hi all

    Welcome. Sounds like you doing good overall. The dry nose and minor bleeding could be simply due to low humidity or allergies. The bleeding after a BM could be hemorrhoids. Or…your INR could be too high. How often is it checked, and how’s it been? Lotta “could be”. Look into it.
  4. jeffp

    I'm at maximum anxiety levels! Crazy bad experience with cardiologist

    You have what would be referred to as a “complex medical history”. This is not something you want mess around with docs that don’t seen to give a crap. You gotta do what’s 100% best for you, and go in fully informed. Your life is worth doing a bit of travel and research for. We’ve got some...
  5. jeffp

    Second Surgery 20 Years Later

    I was just making an easy to grasp mental analogy. Some folks don’t mentalize charts and graphs well. But, yep, we’re on the same page (there’s another mental analogy).
  6. jeffp

    Officially done with CoagSense

    I say this with tongue in cheek…you’re way too optimistic. He’s a parallel story: some years back I bought a stand alone internet radio. Worked great. A few years later (2020) the company decided to no longer support the directory service. All the stations were still there, you just...
  7. jeffp

    Second Surgery 20 Years Later

    Interesting read. I’m making an assumption here in that where they say “Exclusion criteria: Lower boundary of planned INR range is less than 2.0” They mean for those in the comparison group, not the study group. I’ve got a valve in the mitral position so the study isn’t relevant to me, but...
  8. jeffp

    Officially done with CoagSense

    Sorry you had complications. They’re all gone now, so not to worry about that. I’m waiting for the day when whatever the unit of day is gets recalled for some issue, real or perceived. Then they’ll sell us the newest latest and greatest. My INR is pretty stable from test to test for years...
  9. jeffp

    Officially done with CoagSense

    Just to add to the fight… when I started self testing 18 years ago (how time flies) I used an INRatio meter. The thing was always within +/- 0.1 INR units of the lab test. And the strips were a tad more than $1 a pop. About 5 years into it, the FDA revoked approval of the meter as it was found...
  10. jeffp

    What do we need? (Wifey question)

    Best of luck for success for him. The following is a copy & paste of another thread I sent to someone recently asking the same question. If you have stairs at home, hold a small pillow close to your chest while going up and especially down. Keeps the healing sternum from jiggling. Dont be shy...
  11. jeffp

    How do you prevent endocarditis and blood infections?

    soap and water, followed by an appropriate dressing; gauze or Band-aid, maybe some pressure. Peroxide and iodine have their use but damage the wound edge tissue and slow healing. Clean wounds heal the best. Nothing to do with “valviness”. You’re overthinking it. Go live the extra years the...
  12. jeffp

    How do you prevent endocarditis and blood infections?

    First off, try to get your overall health as good as possible. Keep up the proper dental care and prophylactic antibiotics. The SoniCare toothbrush does a good job and is not rough on the gums. Don’t floss so aggressively that there’s bleeding. As to everyday cuts and such (I get lots of...
  13. jeffp

    Valve Replacement Survey - $50 Amazon gift card!

    I’ve been clicking for close to 20 years (it’s less now that tissue has encroached on the valve seat - cardiologist says it’s a non-issue) and did get information on avoiding vitamin K foods. (I learned that that was more colloquially based than evidence based.) I do agree with Chuck on his...
  14. jeffp

    Tooth Extraction

    A lot more than just INR goes into wound clotting. Platelet function contributes to a good deal of bleeding control in wounds with flow stasis (like those sutured or packed). An anecdotal story…I had a cracked molar root that necessitated the tooth come out. Dentist removed the tooth but...
  15. jeffp

    Transportation to doc appts?

    Most communities have a PACE program (Program for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly) that can transport folks to and from medical visits. It’s organized by cms but locally operated. Some are no cost, others on a sliding fee schedule. Some even take folks on shopping trips. Do a search for...
  16. jeffp

    What do you do when your cardiologist lies to you?

    This says it all. Unless you’re in an area with only one cardiologist available within a reasonable travel distance, why stay with someone that’s not treating you as a part of your own care? Maybe he’s caring for you clinically correctly, but you’re not a box of gears and widgets you can run a...
  17. jeffp

    NAD and NMN effects on platelets and coagulation

    Thanks for the links @pellicle. From the agemate snake oil site: “Just 500mg of NMN is equivalent to eating 25kg of broccoli!”. I do like broccoli, but not that much! As to Dr. Shade’s article, let’s say I found it a bit “shady”. Not a rigorous study by any means, all anecdotal claims of...
  18. jeffp

    NAD and NMN effects on platelets and coagulation

    I have to ask…what are NAD and NMN? And please give us some details on the corn chip incident. I’m going to be up all night imagining the how of this. I’m thinking it’s something along the lines of the ninja who can kill his opponent with a wet sock and a grain of rice.
  19. jeffp

    Warfarin without Coumadin clnic

    They can, but many won’t. My PCP knows that I self mange and have been out of range maybe half dozen times in 18 years. She’s fine with it, and I just shoot her an email and get a refill. She does like me to pop in for a visit once a year though.
  20. jeffp

    Warfarin without Coumadin clnic

    They call it a cash machine…turn the crank and money (billable services) comes out the other end. For self testing and management you need to find docs with the right mindset. My cardiologist is OK with the whole deal. As he says, you’re doing great on your own and I have patients that need...