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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    In the long run we are all dead. US is very good at hiding health costs. You pay $45-$70 per paycheck for your company insurance. So these folks send your a meter and strips and your deductible and sat its $100 for the year. Your doctor sends you a bill for your insurance deductible and it's...
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    I'm at maximum anxiety levels! Crazy bad experience with cardiologist

    It does not matter where you have your surgery. Most doctors are competent enough if they work for a good hospital. You need a good cardiologist. That's your point person who should know your history, recommend a surgeon, hospital and will do follow up care. Your Primary Care doctor and your...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    Let me add even testing strips cannot be picked up at your neighborhood pharmacy.
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    That's correct. US insurers want to steer you into a monitoring program if they are to cover self testing. The monitoring group will provide a meter on rent and supplies as you need. They don't manage your testing but you will not call the doctor with your results. The other choice is to pay...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    US is different. The doctor signs you up to a monitoring group that you call your results into and they tell you "you are in range" (for a fee and supplies)and they send results to your doc who then reviews and charges a fee and the doc calls you to say stay the same. Then the monitoring group...
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    Inspiris Resilia vs On-x, can't decide

    I keep asking myself is an over $200k surgery NOT once but twice worth not taking almost free rat poison that costs a few hundred dollars a month in monitoring? These choices drive up costs and keep other patients outside healthcare and are the reason we spend so much money but have poorer...
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    3.5 months post surgery

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    What do you do when your cardiologist lies to you?

    The problem of playing doctor. There are dangerous heart rhythms and some that are nothing. PVCs for the most part are nothing. You will feel the flutter, you will hear the valves clasp but they don't do much other than panic you. Your doctor knows best so just ask him straight. Are you...
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    3 months post surgery, Doc wants to medicate me more than I'm comfortable with.

    Doctors speak: remodeling is not good. You want to say *reverse remodeling* that is good. Like others have said medication is not the problem, you just have to get to the understanding of do I need this and why and how long? If you have high cholesterol, you need statins. If you can lower it...
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    Moderate Mitral Stenosis / Mild Regurgitation

    I would like to disagree. A working defective native valve is better than an operation. There are many things that cause stenosis but that is not what is important. The heart adjusts and compensates. Do not give yourself panic attacks by imagining chest pains from panic attacks. You do not...
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    INR won't budge

    So a little tea chat. There is no need to fight with medical practioners. Aortic valve mechanical INR is 2-3 and you can aim at 2.5 and you just tell your doc that's the range YOU want to be in and is there a problem? Second, INR is an art form not a science. You look at the trends not just...
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    Question about warfarin dosage and your INR's reaction time

    I think you are reading it wrong. 70% is a great stat but understand what it means. My doctor set my INR range narrow - 2.5 to 3.0. I am supposed to be 2 5-3.5, if I report 3.2 I am out of range and they will have the doctor call me. So I know ignore my actual results and report 2.7 to 2.9...
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    Echo readings

    I spoke to the cardio and he says there is a correlation between arteriosclerosis and valve calcification and though not perfectly correlated there studies suggest a relation. Controlling cholesterol and CAD has benefits to heart valves but he however cautioned that this will delay the...
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    'per patient year' question

    I don't know if this is quite right. If 100 patients are tracked for 3 years that is 300 patient years. If 10 have strokes, 300/10 = 1 stroke every 30 patient years. In this bunch there is well coagulated patients and people who are not, people who monitor diligently and those who don't. The...
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    Doctor never seems concerned about my blood pressure, weird?

    Dude are you for real? 35lbs in a month (or two). Lets get the math right here. 1lb is about 3,500 calories 35lbs x 3,500 = 122,500 calories/60 days that's 2,000 calories/day. That is burning up 2,000 calories every single day for 60 days. An average person eats 2,000 calories/day. If you...
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    Targets ... where do you shoot (and why)?

    Some of y'all get really clinical with this. I saw @pellicle spreadsheet. I don't keep data of my INR I only remember my last one and the number I am looking at. Why? It is very hard once you have been in range for a while to move out of range without some "work" on your part. I am on a...
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    New, confused, scared, anxious, help

    Let me stick up for doctors a little. They may not be on their best foot everyday but in most cases they are mostly good folks. What is important is advocating for yourself and getting regular health screenings. When you show up at a hospital in distress, they have to start an informed guess...
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    COVID in house

    I would skip 2 subsequent doses and then continue as normal and test in a week...or skip 1 dose and extra helpings of greens for lunch and dinner for a couple of days and then retest. The key is you managing your INR and just listening to clinic folks. You know your range and you should have a...
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    Not doing surgery

    We know we will all die. One day. It is an inevitability. There is no way around it. There is never a good reason to embrace the unembraceable. Some people think death is a gate way to something else. What if it is not? You live life for yourself and others. It does not matter whether...
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    Marijuana and Blood Thinners/Mechanical Valve

    Weed and INR is a stretch however it does affect the nervous system so I would not be surprised by racing heart beats. And then again there is folks who are real chill after indulging so... There is no vitamin absorption in smoking