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    What do we need? (Wifey question)

    I agree with all of this. Excellent suggestions. I would add in some full zip jumpers / hoodies and slip on shoes. I also bought a shower seat which was useful for the first few weeks.
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I actually have fewer post surgery than I did before. I tend to get them when I'm unwell and very occasionally during strenuous exercise. They're unpleasant but I've also been told that are nothing to worry about. I did also have a period of about 2 weeks shortly after surgery where I had them...
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    Aspirin in conjunction with Warfarin

    Thanks for all your comments, which have been most enlightening. It seems to me that practice seems very varied. As my INR target is at the lower end of the 2s I think I will continue to take Aspirin. The main long-term risk of Aspirin seems to be stomach ulcers so, provided I don't develop...
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    Aspirin in conjunction with Warfarin

    Does anyone have any views on taking 75mg Aspirin alongside Warfarin? I have been doing this for a year on the advice of my surgeon (on-x aortic valve, target INR of 2.3). My cardiologist has suggested it may not be needed, although he was relatively relaxed about it. I'm all for taking fewer...
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    I really feel for you, it sounds hideous! By the sounds of things, the op should improve your exercise tolerance significantly. As long as you build things up slowly I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get back to it. The view I took on surgical risk is that in the long run, doing nothing...
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    Welcome. I remember the fear all to well. My wife gave birth to our second child a month after my surgery. I was terrified that I would never even meet my daughter and that I would just be some bloke in old photographs to her. She said her first word, which was dada, last week! It's a scary time...
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    Need Help Choosing! 14 Questions For Those With Mechanical Valve + Warfarin

    Welcome! I'm happy to expand on any answers, but to keep it brief: 35 18 months N/A Self manage 10 No No impact, but antibiotics tend to spike INR so require dosage change. Very easy. I've done it twice. Heparin injections aren't much fun and cause bruising, but it's no biggy. Same advice as...
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    Mechanical Valve Noise and Quality of Life Study

    My experience was that it bothered me a lot initially but now I hardly notice it. I can still hear it but I think I've mostly tuned it out. I would be surprised if you heard your valve 24/7. Even in a quiet office I can't hear it due to background noise (aircon etc.). As to white noise, I found...
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    5k in under 30 minutes!

    Those statistics are fascinating and depressing in equal measure. Thanks for sharing. It would be interesting to know why men fared worse.
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    5k in under 30 minutes!

    Great work! Well done. I'm slowly building my mileage up again after a year of (thankfully non cardiac) health problems. I'm at 21:30 for 5km at the moment. My goal is to go sub 20 by the end of the year but I think that might be ambitious. I'm only 35 though so it should be possible! Pre...
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    Proact Xa / apixaban trial for On-x valves

    It looks like the Proact Xa trial has been closed due to poor results. Looks like it's Warfarin for life!
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    XS Pro

    I borrowed one of these before I got my INRange. The build quality is leagues ahead of the INRange but the unit is also much bigger and heavier, so less convenient for home testers. You got a bargain at $40!
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    Is it possible to travel internationally for six months of the year while on Warfarin?

    Thanks for your replies everyone. Seems like it's easier than I expected.
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    Is it possible to travel internationally for six months of the year while on Warfarin?

    I've yet to travel abroad on Warfarin and have three practical questions. I appreciate the answers will vary depending on where you are traveling from and to but would welcome any generic comments. How do you acquire enough Warfarin for your trip? My GP limits me to one month's supply at a...
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    My AVR OHS Experience

    Sounds like you were given minimal support following your surgery, which is concerning. I'm glad you were well prepared to look after yourself. I had the strong heartbeat thing for a few weeks but it has definitely faded. Best of luck with your recovery. Keeping enjoying those small wins!
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    I can't stop crying

    Interesting study. Thanks for posting.
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    I can't stop crying

    I had this for a few months post surgery. I think it was a mixture of hormones and just being glad to be alive. 10 months later and I'm back to my normal cynical self (but still glad to be alive).
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I'm sorry to hear your story. I can't directly relate to being in your situation as a teenager as I'm about twice your age. It may sound trite, but you have to play with the cards you have been dealt in life, and for all of us on this forum that includes a mixture of medication, scars and...
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    High resting heart rate

    I've had a similar experience to everybody else. Pre-op overnight resting heart rate was 42 (I'm guessing as a result of excessive distance running). Immediately post-op without Bisoprolol was 90. Bisoprolol brought this down to 65. 7 months later and it's down to 47 without Bisoprolol...
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    Life after OHS

    It gets easier, and quicker than you think. I'm 8 months out and life is relatively normal again. I had the whole brain fog thing for a while. My issue was remembering people's names. I was watching a film with my wife (whose name I thankfully remembered) and couldn't for the life of me...