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    Hi all, Sorry, I have not been on much since my surgery back in January. Today is my 16 week anniversary and I am feeling great with my new tissue valve. I did 6 sessions of cardiac rehab before being released. I am actively back on the treadmill walking/running and hitting the weights...
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    Washington DC Metro / Northern Virginia OHS Valvers

    Hi all, Today is my 16 week anniversary and I am doing / feeling great with my new tissue valve. Back on the treadmill walking / jogging and hitting the weights once again. I have joined forces with the American Heart Association - Greater Washington Region as a volunteer. I am planning on...
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    Forced to search for a new job...unemployed

    Ha, I guess I will need to listen to my own advice...I am forced to look for new employment in two weeks...Dear God, have mercy on me and my family! I guess it could be worse. Chin up all Scott
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    aches and pains

    Hi Brad, My cariologist told me that my most recent EKG showed mild hardening of the heart due to my prior stenosis, which shouldn't get worse now that my tissue valve is working well and that could/should heal itself 1-3 months hopefully. I just need her to explain in more detail. Wasn't...
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    Surgery date has been set to 03/27/2012

    Good luck, Vadim! My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Let me know if you still want to try to connect. Take care, Scott
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    Forced to search for a new job...unemployed

    When the good Lord closes one door, he opens another. Will be praying for you! Wishing bigger and better things come your way! Scott
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    6 month update

    Keep up the great work...don't forget, it is a marathon and not a sprint! Scott
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    aches and pains

    Yesterday was my 6 weeks post-op. Good cold/fever symptoms are finally healing (temperature getting back to normal with minimal use of Tylenol) and bacterial infection ruled out...feeling much better...had echocardiogram this week and my tissue valve per my cardiologist is "working...
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    aches and pains

    @Fundy...we have same valve - I am TF-21A
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    aches and pains

    very helpful everyone...thanks for your my case, add in a little cold to contribute to the soreness (hopefully).... @Julian - spot on...just put in the hands of the good Lord and let the healing take its course!
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    aches and pains

    Thanks, are like the fourth or fifth person I have met within the DC/No.VA area. I am sure manymore..We need to create a DC Metro OHS post-op group for get togethers, etc.
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    aches and pains

    I have been feeling great with little pain leading, even when I coughted, up to week 5 post-op this past Wed. I then got a little nose drip, that was effecting my eye - thought maybe sinus infection...thankfully not....had my first follow up with cardiologist on Friday...EKG came back good, but...
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    Tissue vs. Mechanical

    Hi Debby...if I ma ask...where in NOVA are you...I am in Reston/Herndon...have met 3 or 4 others close by...
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    Six Years Today

    a true inspiration to ALL on this board, Chimp! Happy 6th! SC Gamecock fans? I do love the ol' football coach down there. I used to coach with Dan Mullen who is now the head coach at Miss St. Since big brother is SuperBob (a.k.a. Superman), does that make Chimp the monkey that partnered...
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    Cardiac Rehab

    I agree with Larry...I start mine in 3 weeks...told about an hour or so per session (haven't defined number of sessions per week yet)...maybe they meant between the hours of 7 - 2 so you could adjust your schedule? I had bicuspid AVR surgery, which is different from your surgery which I know...
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    "the shave"

    i don't think they shaved my chest at all (BAVR surgery)...looking at my 3 week post-op scar that Jefff posted for me under the forum "The order of the Tawdry Shirt (Toots)", maybe I wasn't considered "hairy" enough...must depend on surgeon's preference. IMHO, I think it is best left in their...
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    Joke time

    LMAO!!! I just had to share that with my daughter's Kindergarten teacher and principal...lesson to be careful what you ask for!!! Greg, you are loaded with the funnies - haha.
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    How do you tell young children you need surgery?

    I just went through a similar situation, being 5 weeks post-op....I have two daughters (6 & 4) and a 17 mo. old son. I simply told my two daughters that daddy has a serious boo-boo that the doctors are going to fix for me and that it will require me to be in the hospital for a few days and that...
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    Tattoos anyone?

    Mom2izzy, I know exactly what you are talking about...3D looking...I have an artist friend that does face painting for b'day parties, etc...I will check with my doc to make sure the removable paint won't infect or hurt my scar in anyway...maybe combined both ideas and have a monster popping out...
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    Tattoos anyone?

    so are you saying tattoos are Superbob's kryptonite? - LOL