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    INR meter in India

    Hi Folks Where can we purchase an INR meter in India ? I am currently residing in bangalore for more specificity
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    Early 30s, 3 strokes over 7 years of On-X

    Would that not be two bum valves , the ross only touches the aortic and pulmonary valves.
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    Foods on warfarin

    Hey pellice I am being followed for now and not inder medication. But most probably considering a few choices and one of them is onx , so likely warfarin. Iam learning as much as I can before the surgery
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    Foods on warfarin

    My diet as you see is not what you would call “consistent” but I want to make sure I understand what “consistent” is ? cut out vitamin k , I also travel and while traveling may eat completely different foods like ex: in japan
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    Foods on warfarin

    I eat mainly an indian diet right now rice + lentil based broth + some vegetable We cook the vegetable with some spices like turmeric, ginger, etc I dont eat the same vegetable every day ex : The vegetable could be okra, cabbage , beans or potatoes Just curious once starting long term...
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve

    why was his INR low in that thread despite raising the dosage ?
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    Hard to trust many doctors

    Echos depend on the tech actually, have you done a second echo OP ? Its unlikely that multiple tests could be wrong, they also look at trends serially from multiple echos before taking decisions. If your second echo is different it could be that the first one was perhaps incorrect ?
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    Ross Procedure at Mass General

    I dont think the durability of the ozaki procedure is good
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve

    I saw this post on what affects warfarin , it seems tk interact with everything’s What ever a person does or does not do to effect their INR will not make any difference to the stability or its continuity at target, therefore I would suggest people get to know what and how INR is effected...
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve

    saw a couple of posts of people with 40 years and 36 years, dick would beat them at 50 years :)
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve

    sir do you have social media or something and are you on the Facebook AVR groups ? I am quite young, just 30 for now and I do have some time looks like based on a second opinion, its moderate I was told , I love this forum and would think a post from you about how your valve lasted 50 years...
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve
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    Happy(?) To Be Here

    did the doctor mention severity and gradients
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    Edwards Resilia Inspiris Aortic Valve

    arnold schwarzennegar had his third replacement at 70 and he's kicking ass even today
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    6 pack of beer

    cranberry juice with raw kale salad
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    6 pack of beer

    does anyone eat herbs such as fenugreek , ginger , garlic , turmeric , cumin ? is there any evidence they affect warfarin ?
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    For a person younger than 50 ....the relative survival is less but the overall absolute survival is more....most of the statistics about cumulative mortality are skewered because of more people > 60 years who are not expected to survive as long as a person less than 60....ultimately it is not...
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    mechanical or biological?

    pellicle Seeker This post alone made me eliminate tissue valve from my options...I am much younger than the gentleman in this post.....In fact he could be my uncle or dad... I am just 26 and for the moment with moderate asymptomatic stenosis...I have narrowed down my choices to ON-X , Ross or...
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    So scared and feel so alone

    I have at this point moderate stenosis ..age 26...Think for a moment if you dont intervene you have a 100% mortality risk depending on symptoms, usually severe symptoms take time to appear...but with critical stenosis you can expect it within or at 5 years The outcome of anything in life is not...