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  1. KLS39

    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I had my OHS in March of 2021. After surgery while doing cardiac rehab I was having some episodes of PVCs and PACs. Doctor also noticed them on the stress test I had after I completed the rehab. I didn't notice them that often until last fall when I added weights to my workouts. I would feel a...
  2. KLS39

    heart valve annive

  3. KLS39

    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    I am just over two years post OHS - ON-X aortic valve 19mm, ascending aortic aneurysm and innominate artery aneurysm repaired. I hear a clicking on very rare occasions if I am laying in the right position. I still hear a thump quite often if I am in a quiet environment. There are times when I...
  4. KLS39

    2 year anniversary of OHS

    Thank you all for your kind words. My dad was a wonderful man who touched so many lives during his 81 years. He will be missed but I am holding on to all the memories. Had a great check up with the cardiologist today. I have to lower my cholesterol a little bit but I know I can do that over the...
  5. KLS39

    2 year anniversary of OHS

    Today marks two years since my OHS for aortic valve replacement and an ascending aorta as well as repair of my innominate artery. I am grateful to have reached this milestone but I am also broken hearted because my dad died unexpectedly yesterday when he and my step-mom were trying to get home...
  6. KLS39

    One Year Anniversary ! Feb 4 2022 Feb 4 2023

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary.
  7. KLS39

    After surgery…

    Glad you are feeling better. I agree, I am thankful for modern technology. :)
  8. KLS39

    Finaly its going to happen friday the 23st

    Best wishes Raoul. Let us know how you are post surgery.
  9. KLS39

    How often you take Echocardiogram ultrasound test

    I see the cardiologist every 6 months and have an echo once a year. I personally would rather know if things are changing than be surprised.
  10. KLS39

    Advice on minimizing scarring from open heart incision

    I also have a keloid scar in the shape of a T from my surgery at 14. My scar from the surgery I had last year is longer but is much thinner. The top couple of inches has faded quite a bit as has the two additional scars from having four chest tubes not two as I had in the first surgery. I...
  11. KLS39

    T minus 12 days

    I was being driven everywhere, even out to flatter ground to take walks since we live in a very hilly area (heart rate was running high so no hills initially). At my appointment 7 weeks post op I asked when I could drive and they said I could have driven at 5 weeks. My husband just gave me a...
  12. KLS39

    New - old member reintroduction

    Glad you are doing well. :)
  13. KLS39

    T minus 12 days

    Kate, Welcome to the forum. As a nurse you are already more prepared for this than many of us were. I had my first surgery at 14 to repair my aortic stenosis and my second surgery last year at 58 to replace the valve with a mechanical one and to take care of an ascending aneurysm and repair...
  14. KLS39

    Overwhelmed about warfarin

    Welcome to the forum. One thing I have found helpful is setting an alarm for my warfarin which I have in a weekly pill case. When the alarm goes off, I stop what I am doing and take the pills. I am diligent about it now after missing a dose twice this summer when I had a house full of people...
  15. KLS39

    Aortic valve

    Welcome to the forum.
  16. KLS39

    65 yo BAV guy here

    Welcome to the forum. I hope your appointment in November goes well.
  17. KLS39

    Post surgery: Cardiologist no longer part of routine?

    Before my valve replacement I saw my cardiologist once a year after first having an echo. I still have an echo once a year, but I see the cardiologist every six months.
  18. KLS39

    10-year anniversary

  19. KLS39

    Thursday is coming fast

    I had terrible pain in my back that lasted a few weeks. I ended up sleeping on the couch many nights so I could be propped up. Sometimes that pain and the pain from having my innominate artery repaired was worse than the pain in my sternum. The pain will hopefully get to be less and less each...
  20. KLS39

    Thursday is coming fast

    Congratulations on being on the other side. I hope your recovery is smooth.