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    Has anyone else experienced nocturnal leg cramping after prolonged use of warfarin?

    When I got night leg cramps in my pre-warfarin days, my doctor said the most common cause of leg cramps at night is dehydration. My son's pediatrician said the same thing when he got them. Once I started having a few beers before bed :) I've not gotten night cramps again. I think they also...
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    A quick search on paroxymal atrial tachycardia shows that there are treatments for the condition other than anticoagulants. Many hits don't mention anticoagulants as part of the treatment. You may want to do a search and ask some questions of your cardiologist or their nurse.
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    This seemed like a reasonable place for this question.

    I had a variety of mental effects following surgery. The ones still with me are memory problems, math problems, typing mistakes (sometimes a word that was unintended) and increased emotional reaction. I am 6 years out and they've gotten better over the years. For example, I lost the ability...
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    "Heart surgery" is a generic term, I gather you mean valve replacement surgery. You can be on anticoagulants due to the type of valve you were given or due to the Afib. It is common practice to be on anticoagulants after valve replacement surgery, irrespective of the type of valve. If you...
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    Swimming with aortic aneurysm / heart issues - Safe water temperature?

    Sometimes people have to create "content" to fill a perceived void or to get paid. They may know some things, but overall not too much. They think too much, putting together potential scenarios that feel logical but have no basis in fact and are actually directly wrong. If swimming in cold...
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Thanks Hank. Good luck with your new endeavors. I'll bet you drone photographers have made the helicopter photographers somewhat obsolete.
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    The Future of

    Thanks a lot Angie and Keith. Unlike some other things on the internet, newer is better here at :) Thanks also to Hank for all he's done. [Insert your deity] bless you all!
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    Resveratrol & Warfarin Interaction?

    I'd ask your cardiologist about any interactions with any new drug that you take. When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy, I know that other delivery forms of testosterone, such as gel, have no contraindications if you are on warfarin. I would suggest staying away from the...
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    Edwards Resilia Inspiris Aortic Valve

    You could ask the manufacturer. They will probably be tell you since it means a sale :)
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    Mick Jagger might be a member of this forum soon ...

    Just 'cause someone is elderly doesn't mean they're not attractive :) Happy Belated Birthday. I'm elderly too! It's great, mortgage and cars paid off with the kids out of school! Now I can follow the maxim, "Life's too short for bad liquor." :) The real nebulous age is "middle age". The...
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    Mick Jagger might be a member of this forum soon ...

    The medical profession's definition of elderly is >60 yo. Any time a study mentions "elderly" as a population, it's 60+ yo. At 75 he certainly is elderly.
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    It Just Got Real

    One thing to consider if you are 60 in the tissue vs. mechanical debate is your possible need to take NSAIDs for arthritis. You can't routinely take some of the common NSAIDs such as ipubrofen, meloxicam, etc. if you are on warfarin. However, my GP thinks that I can't take NSAIDs is kind of a...
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    AVR #2 Update (Hockey Heart)

    I don't know anything about ratings for doctors or hospitals other than the what is readily found on line. It's hard to find out statistics about a hospital that you can believe and is pertinent to your operation. I asked my surgeon how many operations he did a year and he didn't know, but...
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    I believe that INR meters are self calibrating using materials on the disposable strip. That's why you don't need to send your meter back for "calibration" and you don't really need to compare your meter reading to a office blood draw...which could be read on a meter as well :)
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    Avr #2

    I was told by my cardiologist and surgeon that a mechanical valve will out last me at age 55 when I had an AVR. I've read that many places. If you have a doctor who tells you otherwise, they should have a reason specific to your body as to why this is not true. It's great being on the cusp...
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    Smaller gauge lancet (bigger needle diameter)

    I remove the tip to insert the needle assembly and leave it off for the stick.
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    My Mom Is Dead.

    Please accept my condolences. I recently discovered Robert Burns' "Epitaph on My Own Friend" An honest [wo]man here lies at rest, As e’er God with His image blest: The friend of man, the friend of truth; The friend of age, and guide of youth: Few hearts like h[er]s, with virtue warm’d, Few...
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    I have no direct experience. The way I look at is your INR is a statement of how much longer it takes your blood to clot compared to a "normal". So if your INR is between 2-3, then your blood will take 2-3 times longer to clot. Basically this means a bigger bruise or a longer time for the...
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    Six years today! 3-18-19

    Congratulations. May you have many more!