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  1. pellicle

    Ep study and ablation

    No data from me, but wishing you well :-)
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    while not about the muscle, but about "Heart"

    To anyone who is feeling afraid or lost with the news of your heart problem watch this review and consider that you have before you the opportunity for successful surgery. Open Heart Surgery is about the most successful medical intervention in the repertoire Consider this an opportunity to...
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    Tissue Regrets??

    Hi Not bad ... 14 years ... pretty close to the average. well if you mean by encouraging that its still not anwyhere near where you were promised, and its still only allowed for the highly frail and those too at risk from conventional surgery then I guess that's encouraging for them ... I...
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    Has anyone else experienced nocturnal leg cramping after prolonged use of warfarin?

    Hi sorry to read of your leg cramps. I went through something like that about 15 years back and I always assumed that it was just related to tension and stress at work (desk job software developer), plus perhaps lack of walking exercise and lack of stretching. I've not experienced it in the...
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    The Future of

    It does not show on chrome either.
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    The Future of

    just a suggestion, don't overcomplicate it
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    The Future of

    I did look with my mobile (which is what I use about half the time (Opera browser)) ... I was unable to see anything different ... I'll go look again. Nope
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    The Future of

    I just set it and can see no difference in appearance on my mobile to what was shown before I set it ... what does it do?
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    The Future of

    does this mean you have installed it (on the server) but not activated it by default?
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    Lots of good points. But to take @LondonAndy s last point, there's no need to be anxious about being on AC therapy. I personally don't like the term blood thinners, as it just seems to make people feel like it's bad (when it isn't). Was there something bothering you about this?
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    Swimming with aortic aneurysm / heart issues - Safe water temperature?

    btw, this guy is Norwegian so similar to Finnish thinking
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    Swimming with aortic aneurysm / heart issues - Safe water temperature?

    well my view has always been to "see how I feel myself" which means understanding my condition and how I feel about my response. I'll also start by sounding out my Dr (in the past that was my surgeon, but now that's more likely to be my cardiologist about the idea (with whom I have a great...
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    Mick Jagger might be a member of this forum soon ...

    agreed ... but I bet Peter didn't suffer from arthritis or the accumulation of injuries on (oh ... say) knees, big toe joints and elbows... I ain't old but I'm hearing the messages and toning back to keep it all lubricated (senovial fluid) but "keep using it" so that I don't lose it (as fast) ;-)
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    change request: background to selected text

    For a guy who's been writing and editing on computers for like 25 years that's like going back to grade 1, but I guess that the answer is: "no, you can't change the select text easily" (although it should just be a single change in the CSS) Which I'm ok with... I just asked. So much modern...
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    welcome :-) Thank you, its always humbling when someone says such things, I feel I've just done what everyone who was similarly confronted would do ... I can't claim to have done it in any sort of perfect or "stoic" manner. As you may have gathered my view is well expressed in the Shawshank...
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    change request: background to selected text

    Hi I'm also using win10 and Chrome (well and my phone too) its interesting that the above image shows quite differently to what I see here (where selected text is still barely visible as below) NOTE: I am not talking about selecting text BEFORE editing, but DURING editing, What you've...
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    I observe that you're on the Sunny Coast ... I'm down the other side (and west) of Brisbane ... feel free to contact me for a natter if you wish (email me (pellicle) at hotmail for instance)
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    change request: background to selected text

    Hi when selecting text (highlight, say by mouse or shift arrow) for either copy and paste or applying a style to its hard to see the selection because of colours. This would be more difficult for anyone who was even slightly vision impaired. Eg At first I thought selection wasn't working...
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    A Significant other with a valve like me

    PS: from your bio I see you're searching for alternatives to Warfarin. My view is that Warfarin is the best drug to be on for a number of sound reasons: ready reversal of coagulation well studied (for like 50 years) with tons of open and objective studies by the scientific community (reject...