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  1. J

    Ascending aortic aneurysm - questions and concerns

    Hello all, I've been inspired to post by some of the new posts I've been reading as I've got some questions and concerns about my AAA. After my AVR in 2016 my surgeon said there was around a 10% chance I would need another OHS to replace the ascending aorta which eased my mind at the time...
  2. J

    Getting Ready For 2nd AVR - 29 Years Old

    Good call, John. I am 49 and had my ON-X valve put in 3 years ago with no regrets. Best of luck to you with the surgery!
  3. J

    Own v. Rent INR Machine?

    I'm glad you posted this as I've been thinking about doing the same for some time. Are you going to buy your machine online?
  4. J

    Questions re: progression of ascending aortic aneurysm

    Thanks for the replies and the info, everyone. A lot of food for thought.
  5. J

    Questions re: progression of ascending aortic aneurysm

    Thanks for the reply, Warrick. That percentage sounds more realistic based on what you’re saying about re-ops in this community. I’m also realizing that Cleveland Clinic has more conservative guidelines for when to replace an aorta based on height. Since I’m 5’6” they recommend replacement at...
  6. J

    Questions re: progression of ascending aortic aneurysm

    Hi there, I'm 49 y/o and coming up on 3 years post AVR (ON-X mechanical) this July. All is well but I'm a little concerned about the progression of an ascending aortic aneurysm. Prior to and during surgery in 2016 my surgeon measured the aneurysm at 40mm which is below the threshold for repair...
  7. J

    Alcohol Consumption After AVR

    Today I am officially 7 weeks post-AVR; I'm feeling great and will be heading out to dinner with my wife to celebrate. Prior to surgery I was asymptomatic and consumed an average of 7-10 drinks per week (sometimes less, sometimes more), usually in the form of a glass or two of red wine with...
  8. J

    Biological vs Mechanical -- what does the ACC think?

    Here's a counterpoint perspective from the Mayo Clinic:
  9. J

    Irregular heart beat

    I am about 7 weeks post-op and I've experienced a few PVCs when I tried to taper down off of Beta Blockers (Metoprolol). If you're not already on these perhaps they could help your situation? Good luck.
  10. J

    My Story and Thank You

    Thanks for the replies. I should have elaborated; the nurse practitioner removed two stitches from the bottom of the incision when I went in for my follow up which is why there is a small wound. They sent me home with the packing supplies. Everything is looking good, it was just an unexpected...
  11. J

    My Story and Thank You

    Hello, I am technically new to the forums but have been checking here often over the past few months. I want to first and foremost thank the creators of and contributors to this site; it has been a very rich and helpful resource as I was preparing for and now as I am recovering from surgery...