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    FDA approves TAVR for more than high risk patients It looks like FDA is approving the use of TAVR for more wide spread use for lower risk patients. Not sure I would change my section of valve though.
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    Morning vs. evening anti-coagulation dose

    Seems all the recommendations are to take your warfarin in the evening. I see no scientific reason for this and find it easier to take my meds regularly in the AM. After 14 weeks I missed my first dose and realized it in the AM so used that as the trigger to move to morning dosing. Is everyone...
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    Minor milestone today, 3 months

    Well 3 months ago today I had my AVR and aortic aneurysm replaced. Other than damn pacing wires annoying me a lot lately, I feel amazing, no issues, chest is great. I can lift, push, pull and do whatever I was doing before. Kudos to Dr. Unai and Cleveland Clinic. I had my 3 month CT yesterday...
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    Shingrix and INR

    Any one here get the Shingrix vaccine on Coumadin? My INR was 2.6-3.1 and I got the vaccine a week ago and noticed besides the crappy side effects that my INR has dropped to 2.2 and even after slightly increasing my does still is only 2.3. Still easily in my range, but I like to see my INR at...
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    New to Coumadin and vitamin K

    So I just had a new mechanical valve put in 10 days ago. I was at 2.2 two days ago and get my next test tomorrow morning. I take 7.5mg a day for now. My diet includes a decent amount of Vitamin K via low sodium cold pressed organic vegetable juice that get some a lot of potassium as well as...