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    The Cost of Doing Business

    You have greater than a 1% chance of dying in a car accident on the way to the hospital. I personally feel that success rates in 94-96% range for heart surgery is pretty good. I don’t quite understand your entire medical condition but early death due to no intervention or emergency...
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    Just a quick question. Have you been positively diagnosed with Afib? Atrial flutter can mimic Afib, and both can be corrected via meds and/or ablation. The Holter should help narrow things down a bit. Regarding the anti-coagulants, in the US it is also common to place a person on apixaban...
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    Three Surprising Studies on Exercise Restriction and an Exercise Sweet Spot

    Exactly! And just about everything has a J curve response. LOL!
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    Where did my tastebuds go?

    KMAC, do not worry, this is common and your tastebuds and appetite will return. It has happened to me after past surgeries, so more times than just my OHS in 2003. Just keep building strength and it will all come back. I do have a funny story though. My first or second day back home after...
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    Monocuspid Aortic Valve and 5.5 Ascending Aneurism Repair via David method. Barcelona. Spain.

    M-S, I'm going to jump in and tell you a little of my back story. It might help you or others on this forum. I am by no means trying to point-counter point your decision or anyone's personal decision. I too had a valve sparing T David-V surgery 20 years ago. I have a congenital bicuspid...
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    2 year anniversary of OHS

    Very sorry to hear the news of your loss. It takes time to grieve but remember to share stories of all the good memories. It will be his legacy but it's up to you to maintain. Congratulations on your two-year anniversary.
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    Early 30s, 3 strokes over 7 years of On-X

    I'm in the process of gathering information before I have my redo surgery. I'm headed back for further consultation with my first surgeon that I spoke to. I want to mention that the second opinion said that his plan would be to avoid a full root redo but to make an incision in the non-coronary...
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    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    Lisa2, do you recall the annulus size? Max/Min? Think of the valve opening being egg shaped and sort of the length and width. Thank you in advance.
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    New to forum

    Houston Methodist is probably the place you want to check out for Cardiothoracic care. Good luck.
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    13-year run ending, question re: TAVR

    Hello ks190, it sounds like you had a pretty good run the last 13 years. Bravo! May I ask how old you are? I'm in a similar situation whereby my valve sparing aortic aneurysm repair has lasted 19+ yes, and well beyond what the data showed back in 2003. I am closing in on aortic valve...
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    Heart problems for grandson

    Mr V, I have a nephew who was also born with transposition of the great arteries, septal whole, but not sure about the coarctation of the arch. He had his first surgery as an infant (i don't remember how soon) and they made some corrections. The did not correct the transposition at that time...
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    Aortic valve replacement with thoracic aortic aneurysm

    Sleepy, perhaps this presentation will help guide you along with your surgeon only as it relates to the AAA and timing of surgery. This would imply an earlier (smaller aneurysm size than before) shows better outcomes and fewer dissections. I had AAA...
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Good luck and we wish you a quick and event free recovery
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Good luck and we wish you a quick and event free recovery.
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    Finaly its going to happen friday the 23st

    Rauol, this too should eventually go away. I had the same issue for a couple of weeks or so after surgery. I missed out on some very tasty meals that were dropped off by neighbors and friends. Hang in there.
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    Not bicuspid?!?

    You may find this article easier to read and all encompassing when it comes to aortic aneurysms, calssifications and causes.
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    Not bicuspid?!?

    At the time, I was familiar with aortic aneurysms via my workplace. SNP mutation studies. In fact, my anonymous DNA is floating around in some study results. Also, I am non-Marfans. Phenotypically far from it :)
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    Not bicuspid?!?

    My aorta was positive for myxoid degeneration via lab pathology testing post surgery. No surprise to me or the surgeon.
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    Finaly its going to happen friday the 23st

    Stay strong Raul. You got this.
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    Not bicuspid?!?

    History of rheumatic fever combined with matrix disorganization?