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  1. skeptic49

    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    Thanks for posting this. I have not had an echo since November of 2020. Abbott is specifying yearly echos for those with Trifecta implants. I have no symptoms but at eight years out with RTKR in two weeks this new letter adds to my current anxiety level.
  2. skeptic49

    How often you take Echocardiogram ultrasound test

    Every two or three years for me. I'm eight years out from surgery with a tissue valve. My lasst echo was two years ago. My cardio said we'll see how i feel in January but at this point i don't feel like i need an echo at this time.
  3. skeptic49

    Hobbies and interests

    Collecting antique electric toy trains, electric motors, and stationary steam engines. Scuba diving and underwater photography. International travel. Opera and music in general. Pet interaction with a dog and a cat. Watching NFL Football Dining out. (How did I ever find time to work?)
  4. skeptic49

    Evaluated for TAVR Tomorrow

    If you opt for OHS and a tissue valve at 70 you may never need a replacement and perhaps no need for anticoagulants. With TAVR I would guess that the chances that you would need another replacement are significantly higher. BTW, I will be 74 in January and I am an avid walker and active scuba...
  5. skeptic49

    Quinceanera for my Tissue Valve

    Congratulations! Great to read this. Which tissue valve do you have?
  6. skeptic49

    Frequency OF Follow Up CT Scans

    Thanks for your reply, Superman. I have a tissue valve with hemiarch aortic replacement, so some significant work was done. I can understand the need for follow up echos, but waht would the surgeon be looking for with a CT scan? I really worry about the radiation and the hit the kidneys take...
  7. skeptic49

    Frequency OF Follow Up CT Scans

    The surgery department at my university hospital wants a CT scan with contrast every two years. I'm eight years post surgery so I've had a few of these so far. I am concerned about radiation exposure, which is cummlative. How often are others getting CT scans post surgery?
  8. skeptic49

    New member Dilated Aortic root at 45mm

    Here is what my cardiologist wrote to me in regard to my dilated aorta: "After much population-based research, it has been determined that an aortic root or proximal ascending aortic diameter of ≥4.5 cm portends elevated risk of further dilatation and aneurysm formation over the long term...
  9. skeptic49

    17 years with my Edwards bovine

    Congratulations, Mary, late because we were in Europe on holiday. Your valve's longevity gives me hope for mine, currently 7-1/2 years out and fine as far as I know. Keep going!
  10. skeptic49

    Staying the Course - Summer Already?

    Superman, sounds like you will have an active summer with that Grand Canyon hike. We recently returned from a riverboat cruise on the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Basel. I lost count of the number of castles we saw along the river.
  11. skeptic49

    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    Thanks for the info about the Trifecta. My surgery was 02-2015 at age 66. So far, so good.
  12. skeptic49

    Staying the Course - - Winter Edition

    Enjoyed reading everyone's updates. We resumed travel with a cruise in January. I got a breakthrough Covid infection after we returned. It was like a bad head cold. It never went into my lungs, thankfully. My husband did not get it. We're determined to resume life as best we can since Covid is...
  13. skeptic49

    Tissue Valve

    I received a tissue valve at 66. At 72 it's going strong. My surgeon told me that I should be a candidate for TAVR when/if needed. Age at implant seems to be a decisive factor when it comes to tissue valves.
  14. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- Autumn At Last!

    Sorry to read about the Mrs., Superbob. You certainly have had an "interesting" summer. Our relatively quiet summer is winding down now. I'm well along in the process of preparing to close the island beach house for the winter. Golden's are great dogs, but they are big. We're enjoying our...
  15. skeptic49

    TAVR for St Jude Trifecta replacement

    I'm sorry to read that your AV needs replacement. I have a St. Jude Trifecta that I received in February of 2015 at age 66. As of my last echo about a year ago the valve appeared to be in excellent shape with very low gradients. My surgeon has told me that if I need it TAVR should be available...
  16. skeptic49

    Bentall’s pricedure

    AVR, hemiarch (Bentall) and CABG x2 St, Jude Trifecta 29mm tissue valve. Everything going strong at 6.5 years out.
  17. skeptic49

    Staying the Course: It's July, the Heat Is On!

    So sorry for your loss Superbob. They are always in our hearts and never forgotten. Ticks, ugh! We have them by the thousands out here on Fire Island. I have to check the dog and myself daily.
  18. skeptic49

    cuts on warfarin

    Wow. What happened with your valve during the infections?
  19. skeptic49

    Staying the Course: Romantic Month of June, 2021 Edition

    Great news Superbob! Glad everything turned out OK. I'd be pi**ed off at that biz rep!
  20. skeptic49

    16 years with my bovine valve

    Congratulations, Mary, that is really terrific and great news for so many of us with tissue valves. Keep going! Hugs, Jim