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  1. RobThatsMe

    BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE :))))))

    Hi There, Congratulations on a year of stability. I had an ascending dissection and aneurysm. Cleveland Clinic repaired it. I would strongly suggest you to seek out another opinion. Just think, If they repair it, you wont have to worry anymore from year to year. Cleveland Clinic has seen almost...
  2. RobThatsMe

    Lovenox tips and tricks?

    Hi Everyone, I have been watching this thread with interest. In the past I always had to bridge prior to a colonoscopy. Now that I am 72, my doctor advised that I should have one last one, and That I will not be required to bridge. He said I should maintain my normal inr range. This is new to...
  3. RobThatsMe

    Advice on minimizing scarring from open heart incision

    Hi, I have had two open heart surgeries and have used cocoa butter on the incisions once the scab is off. An old farmer neighbor told of this after my first surgery, and it worked very well for me. My scar line is barely visible. Palmers makes one that has this and Vit E in a paste. The...
  4. RobThatsMe

    Drink before INR test, does it affect the reading?

    My doctor once said about being on Coumadin, "To stay in range, and get accurate readings for your lifestyle, Eat and Drink consistently." So if you are going to drink, do it consistently. a Few drinks a night, a few dinks on the weekends, whatever fits your lifestyle. And that will at least...
  5. RobThatsMe

    Celebrating 16 years!

    Congrats Jane.... Just like a Timex.... Takes a Lick'n amd keeps on Tick'n! Cheers, Rob
  6. RobThatsMe

    A question was posed about INR measurements

    The Coumadin clinic and doctors always send me to the lab for INR testing. I would prefer finger stick because that is what I use at home, and I don't have to be concerned about the reagent they use in the labs when they test my blood for INR. I have been home testing since 2001, and never...
  7. RobThatsMe

    Hey Strangers - Home INR Testing

    Hi Hank, Good to see your post. It has been a long time since the Nashville get together years ago. I am also using my CoaguchekXS . I started with the Protime, and then moved to Coaguchek, I hope you are doing well these days, Cristi and I are good. We just returned from a long holiday in...
  8. RobThatsMe

    Marijuana and Blood Thinners/Mechanical Valve

    Hi Everyone, Here is my own personnel experience with how pot, gummies, THC, , in other words...the chemical in these that effects you when ingested. Using it raises my heart rate, even though you may feel calm and relaxed, the drug does elevate your heart rate. So,, if you have a mechanical...
  9. RobThatsMe

    Petechiae (red dots on skin) & warfarin

    I also have this condition, and it happens in warm weather when I am wearing shorts or a bathing suit, unless I put on at least a 30 SPF sunscreen. I looked up reactions to the meds I take, warfarin and blood pressure meds, and found that some of my meds make me photosensitive to the sun, If...
  10. RobThatsMe

    Flying home after valve surgery, anyone have any experiences to share or pointers?

    Hi, I have flown back home from Cleveland Clinic after surgery on two occasions. My wife accompanied me both times, and for the most part the flights were incident-free. We got assistance from the airport staff handling wheelchair support, and were amongst toe first to board the planes. No...
  11. RobThatsMe

    Shingrix and INR

    Hi, I have had both of the shots, and I test once weekly. There were no abnormal swings in my INR test results. One thing however, I received the second shot early evening, and woke up the next morning in A-Fib. I have not been in A-Fib once since my Ablation 4 years ago, until then. Note...
  12. RobThatsMe

    Visual disturbances

    My personal experience mirrors Paleowoman.. Two open heat surgeries, I get the episodes of auras, and now experiencing double vision issues. eye doctor has said that it is not cataracts causing the issue as they are too small to matter at this point. His is working with me now to solve my...
  13. RobThatsMe

    Possible Coagxs strip problem

    I got the letter too, and the return mailer, but no questionnaire to fill out. They also include a LIST of the lot numbers effected. I am not able to post pictures, perhaps someone can post a copy of the Effected Lots.
  14. RobThatsMe

    Follow up visits with cardiologist

    It has been my experience in all the years since 2000 that for the first year or 2 after surgery, (and I have had 3), they would like to see you every 6 months, then reduce that to once annually. However, if they suspect a concern after the annual tests, they will then request that they see you...
  15. RobThatsMe

    Treat Atrial Fibrillation With Ablation and Pacemaker

    Hi, I had a Double Ablation. My doctor went into 2 different chambers of the heart to stop to over active nerves. Each chamber had a different ablation procedure. One was to fix my A-Fib issue, and the other was to fix my A-flutter issue. It has been 9 months since my ablation, and have not...
  16. RobThatsMe

    I just got my new Coag-Sense meter...

    Hi, I guess the concern that I see in this study is two fold, the study called for aspirin and Plavix. Patient could not take aspirin. So why stay on the study using Plavix alone. This brings me to my next concern. All the commercials I see for Plavix and other drugs like it clearly say "not...
  17. RobThatsMe

    I just got my new Coag-Sense meter...

    I take my meter with me to the lab whenever I want to do a comparison test. I have been doing this since 2001 and have never had any issues with the lab allowing me to test right after they have taken their draw. So samples are taken within minutes. you should also ask the lab what reagent...
  18. RobThatsMe

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year (or whatever your flavour is)

    Merry Christmas Ya'll, and a Healthy and Happy New Year! Cheers, Rob
  19. RobThatsMe

    Herbal teas and fluctuating INR

    Simple solution to the OP is to stop drinking your herbal teas for a while, and see where your INR level stabilizes.
  20. RobThatsMe

    Herbal teas and fluctuating INR

    content of foods in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Total Diet Study Tea from tea bag Vit K per 3.5 fl oz. Black, brewed 0.08 Black, leaves [dry] 262 Decaffeinated, brewed 0.03 Green, leaves [dry] 1,428...