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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I don't have a mechanical valve so I can't give you any insight on the situation. Other than I wonder if this is something where you can hear it, internally, but others can't.
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm Now this may be a bit dim on my end but I'm not 100% sure that's the same type of graft I received. I'll have to check, I know it was a Dacron graft but that's about all.
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    Thanks, I did a little googling and there was a report from the NCBI that said gelseal Dacron grafts can grow 3.23% ( pretty specific) for the first 5 years then apparently stop? So numbers wise I guess that adds up. I haven't really heard much out here about people having an issue with a graft...
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    I don't know, maybe they do a little. I have to contact the surgeons team. I remember reading somewhere that they can grow some. I don't know if they stop at a certain point, one would hope. Also, I guess a certain amount of it is up to interpretation. Not sure if this relates directly to my...
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    Makes me feel like maybe I jumped the gun , I had my surgery when the scans said my ascending aorta was 4.8cm but when measured after removal it was 4.99cm. Maybe this is a thread hijack , if so I apologize, but post surgerical repair with a Dacron graft my CT scans said it was 3.4cm (6 yrs ago)...
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    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    Thanks, that's actually the second time I've been accused of having intelligence today. I'm going to have to mark this day down.... Post repair my surgeon told me I could lift weights. However I choose as if nothing had happened but I'm still not going to go all gorilla on it. I recently started...
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    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    When I was a young man I would lean towards the bulging vein method but after I learned I had an aortic aneurysm in 2014 and had it replaced in 2015 I adjusted my opinion on it
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    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    After my aneurysm replacement I do some weightlifting but nothing extreme.
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    15 Years!

    Congrats! Although I confess I mostly dropped in to see the picture of the dog ...
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    Life expectancy with or without

    Mai Tais in the beach ..... freshly caught fish for dinner .....
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    I looked the Cleveland clinic but I live in the suburbs of Philly and HUP ( Hospital if the university of Pennsylvania) is highly ranked and 45 minutes away. Plus the surgeon of my choice there ,Dr. Bavaria, was available and on the same page as me
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    I don't think he was being judgy or questioning your post . It seemed like he was just offering his opinion
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    Life after OHS

    Now you tell me....
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    aortic valve replacement

    My valve was repaired and I had my aneurysm replaced but my surgery within a similar age. I had just turned 45. I told my surgeon, FWIW, That if the valve needed replacement I absolutely wanted mechanical. I can't imagine being in my mid 40s and choosing something which I assumed would require...
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    Life expectancy with or without

    Plus, if he relocates to live with her, doesn't she live in a less humid climate which would be helpful to him?
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    Home Improvement Help

    My mom lives south of Tucson in a town that is mostly retirees called Green valley. There's like a little artsy sort of town called Tubac that I liked. Also Sedona was really nice. I generally liked it but I'm used to green grass and trees and things not sure I could get used to living in the...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    Before my heart surgery I would get a couple of migraines a year, proceeded with the aura. After surgery I get the aura a lot more but I don't get the subsequent migraine. Maybe a little fuzzy feeling after but nothing like before. Funny thing is the cardiac surgery team acted as if they had...
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    Life expectancy with or without

    Yeah I mean twice would be a good day at 52. Now. I probably shouldn't say this but..... Well I'll just leave it go.
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    Life expectancy with or without

    It sounds fun if you don't get eaten. I hate to admit it but I don't think I'm quite that adventurous