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    Aortic aneurism with bicuspid valve - options in 51 year old

    I wasn't given medical advice regarding my valve choices when repairing my aorta! The options were explained by my surgeon but he would not make a recommendation and said that it was my choice, and my cardiologist deferred to the surgeon. From reading this forum over the years I understand...
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    Aortic aneurism with bicuspid valve - options in 51 year old

    I had a valve sparing ascending and partial root aortic aneurysm repair 9 years ago. My BAV was well functioning prior to the procedure. After it had trivial regurgitation, then over the next year it progressed to mild, then moderate regurgitation. But it stabilized there. My latest...
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    How did you discover your valve issue?

    Thanks. Yes, I think AI would be helpful. In my case the radiologist saw that I had a dilated aorta and put it in the report but for some reason left it out of the summary. I think the Dr's only read the summary.
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    How did you discover your valve issue?

    At 51 I went for my first colonoscopy and found I had stage 1 colon cancer. After it was removed I had a follow up PET scan. The Dr called me to say that it was clear, everything was fine. I asked for a copy of the test results and actually read the whole thing (1 page) rather than just the...
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    Sparing the Aortic Root

    I had a valve sparing procedure done for an aneurysm of the root and ascending aorta. The Dr actually spared one side of my root, sparing my coronary artery. I've worried that I could get an aneurysm in the remaining part of the root but 8 years now and it's still doing fine.
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    Variable/pounding heart rate following AVR/Aorta graft

    Aside from a couple short bouts of a-fib post surgery I have not had the variable heart rate, but I have had the pounding. For some it goes away within a year but I still have the pounding 7.5 years later but I'm pretty used to it now. Seems to be associated to the aneurysm graft rather than...
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    this is of course why I go right ahead and ignore Nutritionists

    "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." - Michael Pollan It doesn't have to be so complicated. FYI, regarding eggs, I believe that some of the studies that came out in support of eggs were funded by the industry. It is illegal (in the US) to label eggs as nutritious or healthy due to rules...
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    Is life getting back to normal after Covid

    Once vaccinated and cases were low and had not yet heard of the delta variant, we were starting to get back to normal. Even went out to a couple restaurants. Then along comes delta and cases are very high here so now back to a new normal. Masks indoors and outdoors if not socially distant...
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    I can't get no sleep

    I had some trouble adjusting to a recliner but my real problem was that a side effect of the metoprolol that I was prescribed was insomnia. Once I realized this I was able to adjust the timing of when I take it and had little trouble after that. Suggest that you check your prescriptions and...
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    Bicuspid valve , aneurysm and complication

    I had a (Bicuspid aortic) valve sparing aneurysm repair as well. Not to be confused with a bicuspid aortic valve repair as my valve was well functioning at the time. It has worked out for me. My valve started leaking mildly after the surgery, progressed to moderate over the next year, and has...
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    Routine tooth cleaning - Precautions

    Yes, for those with prosthetic heart valves, according to the American Dental Association and the American Heart Association: They used to recommend it...
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    Routine tooth cleaning - Precautions

    This is so true. My step father's brother was on warfarin for something, and stopped it on his dentists say so. He had a severe stroke and was never the same. It's good to discuss this with your dentist but essential to discuss it with your Cardiologist or surgeon.
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    How did your heart surgery compare to other major operations?

    My knee surgery was more difficult (for me) than my OHS in almost every way possible. In 1984 I had major surgery (the scar is several inches longer than my OHS scar) to re-align my knee cap which had been cracked previously and more recently dislocated. When I woke up after surgery my leg was...
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    Have most of you recovered or actually improved since surgery/post op ?

    I had a valve sparing OHS to address a root/ascending aortic aneurysm. That was 8 years ago. I was quite active previously and took it slow during the recovery so I probably didn't get back to where I was for a full year. But I did recover 100%.
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    Cardiologists - Enemies or Humans?

    Doctors are just people and some will be better at their job than others. The trick is to find the good ones. I always look online for highly rated Dr's. In the US, we have Find a Castle Connolly Top Doctor which identifies the top 10% in their field based on peer reviews, a local magazine...
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    A little worried

    Intervention for an aortic aneurysm is generally not done until it reaches 5.5cm, possibly earlier depending on body size and other conditions. As with valve issues follow-up echo's are usually done once a year with a CT every couple years, sooner if it is larger or fast growing. Growth rates...
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    Honest Answers

    I had my OHS at 51 and while I had family to help out, the only thing that I could not do for myself was drive. I had a (bicuspid) valve sparing aneurysm repair and my well functioning valve quickly progressed from minimal leaking to moderate. It has since stabilized but I have to assume I...
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    Ornish intensive cardiac rehab program

    Good for you! I think it is so much better to prevent disease through a healthy lifestyle than to try to fix it through medications, stents, surgeries, etc. I hope the program works out for you. If not perhaps there are other programs in your area or online that you could try.
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    Henrick Lundqvist Recovery

    Returning to the ice in 47 days is stunningly quick, but not stunning that he returned. I can't speak to mechanical valve, anti-coagulation, and professional sports though many here participate at an amateur level, but it's my understanding that a Dacron Graft is the standard repair for an...
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    Imminent AVR - 40 y.o. female - advice please

    It caused pain in the sternum, or maybe the muscles in that area. I really didn't have much pain post surgery, even pulling open doors or reaching overhead which I read some people had trouble with, but things like coughing, sneezing, or trying to lie flat were definitely painful. It is...