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    Issue with a Roche Coaguchek INRange

    Yes their customer support was good. This is the advice they gave worked :) " Please remove the test strip guide cover (the blue piece of plastic where strips are inserted) and inspect the white square. This square needs to be completely white - does it look dirty in any way? It can...
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    Issue with a Roche Coaguchek INRange

    Thanks for that 👍. I'll have a read
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    Issue with a Roche Coaguchek INRange

    With the first strip I used I got a general error message, and then after using new strips I got the problem described with the countdown just running down. The batteries are new so it's definitely not that
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    Issue with a Roche Coaguchek INRange

    I have recently developed a problem with my INRange meter. When I put a blob of blood on the testing strip and the countdown begins, nothing happens, it just runs down the counter and at the end gives me an error saying no blood was detected . I have repeated with a different batch of test...
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    Blood Thinners (and why they aren't)

    @pellicle I've just read about the police shootings in Queensland 😥 Terrible incident. Around your neck of the woods too I think
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    Elevated Liver enzymes post op

    it came back though in time for my annual workplace medical in July :oops:
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    Warfarin and gout

    Yes Last summer and this summer during my workplace medical, my Uric acid levels were elevated (491umol/l) and my ATL/GPT liver enzyme as well (65 IU/l) I've been wondering if warfarin could be the cause of this ?
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    Foldax Continues

    Looks promising I'd imagine it won't be known for decades how well this copolymer valve holds up in the human body
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    A question was posed about INR measurements

    I go to a medical centre for my "official" INR test (venous draw) I'm only going there once every 3 months now, and may make it twice a year in the future. I will use my home Coagucheck meter within an hour of the venous draw. Always been within .2 ratio of eachother Last time I had a venous...
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    Ten years ago today...

    In the past week I've bought an e-bike :cool: Now, in the UK, the law is on public roads, peddle bikes can only have electric peddle assistance (250W), with the assistance upto a max speed of 15.5 mph Only on private land with permission can you use the full power of an e-bike (ie. use it...
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    Elevated Liver enzymes post op

    this resolved in the end as did my high uric acid it resolved about month after I stopped taking Furosemide (y)
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    one year today

    :) One year anniversary of my heart surgery today The past year has gone fast ! All healed up, and it's very much in the rear view mirror Many thanks to the people on this forum who have helped and given advice (y)
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    Warfarin is very tweaky

    you seem to have similar warfarin dosing to me (varying between 1.5-2mg/day to keep in range) believe me, over the course of a week taking 1.5mg/day compared with 2mg/day will make a big difference as a percentage, that's a significant change as Pellicle said splitting the 1mg pills into...
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    April Fools will always be my valveversary!

    My 1 year valveversary is in a few weeks can't believe a year has passed already !
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    no, i haven't being taken any aspirin lately. I have baby aspirin (enteric coated) in my medicine cabinet. Might start taking it (y)
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I was at a football match yesterday, and was standing up watching at the side of the pitch, when I had a complete grey out in my left eye which lasted about 5 minutes before aura and flashing lights broke the grey. Vision returned to normal soon after that. Started getting these vision...
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    Self testing issues with NHS

    yes this is true In the month after my surgery , i stayed at my parents house in Liverpool. During that time I had temporary registration with a local Medical centre. I had my INR tested every week via a coagucheck meter, and the nurse gave me a weekly dosage according to the result. This is a...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I'll never complain about the NHS again after reading this thread o_O
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I was watching a youtube video for work today.....and low and behold pellicle turned up in it ! 😅 look at 27.54
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    Two years for me today

    Congrats fella (y)