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  1. J

    8 years today

    John - congratulations and keep riding your bike!
  2. J

    AVR a week from Today, Yikes

    You should be fine - I did my first 35 mile/3600ft climbing mountain bike ride 8 weeks post op at 58 years old. You might be surprised how much better your heart pumps.
  3. J

    Proact Xa / apixaban trial for On-x valves

    I am really feeling good about this self inflicted disaster that this company brought upon themselves. So much confusion and misguidance regarding anticoagulation recommendations with dangerously low INR ranges. The only real low value is currently the share price (-35% since last week) and I...
  4. J

    Rigid Sternal Fixation

    I can only share your experience with my post surgery recovery. I was 58 at OHS 6 years ago and came of Oxy after one day based on my wish (continued on Tylenol), had very little pain, back at work after two weeks and did my fist 30 mile bike ride 6 weeks post OHS. I attribute this also to the...
  5. J

    6 years

    Almost forgot about it and compared to many other members 6 years is small - feel like a rookie. But for me it is important and reminds me how grateful I am that I don‘t even remember. Maybe it was the 24 miles bikeride I did tonight that somehow reminded me. Valve keeps clicking, taking my meds...
  6. J

    Early 30s, 3 strokes over 7 years of On-X

    Appreciate your comment about the more sophisticated treatment options in a hospital - but keep in mind that hours away from any hospital taking immediately Aspirin is better than doing nothing - that was what the advice is about. After five years with no incidents and thousand of miles of...
  7. J

    Early 30s, 3 strokes over 7 years of On-X

    Your experience is very similar to mine - I had a stroke (multiple events on that day) in the middle of nowhere while riding my mountain bike and lost control temporarily of my left arm and leg - and also speech as I found out later when I finally made it back to the car and my wife was waiting...
  8. J

    Early 30s, 3 strokes over 7 years of On-X

    BCAVR - I am sorry to read about your incidents. I can state based on my own bad experience that the claims of the On-X regarding lower INR are dangerous. No matter how many times that company changes their name: now Artivon, previously CryoLife previously On-X Life Technologies and before...
  9. J

    Traveling to a different time zone, when to take warfarin

    I use the Medisafe app to remind and track medications and stay on the original timezone in the app when traveling. I never had any trouble bringing my medications to other countries. However now with Covid I do take at least another week of medications with me - just in case.
  10. J

    Gotta Do the PRE- Colonoscopy do you get any Vitamin K anyways?

    I had two colonoscopies this year. bridging worked well - followed the instructions and used Lovonox only for a few days. I measured my INR every day - but be aware that the measured INR only reflects the Warfarin response, not the Lovonox. Right after the procedure and the following day I took...
  11. J

    Dec 13- MechAVR at Duke

    I think you made the right choice this time with a mechanical valve. Requires to pay some attention to coagulation managment but absolutely doable - you can read a lot about this in the forum. Good luck!
  12. J


    I wanted to report back to the forum how my bridging for the Colonoscopy worked out. After doing a lot of reading I came across the following study ("Loading dose vs. maintenance dose...") that did make a lot of sense to me: So I did follow the...
  13. J

    Seizure meds and regulating blood thinners

    I am on seizure meds now for three years (Keppra) and have a mechanical valve for five. I do not recall any change in my Warfarin dosage and if there was I would be able to measure and adjust.
  14. J


    Thank you all - that is very helpful information. I got some extra test strips and will also record daily measurements and dosage. I am at 10 mg (4x/week) and 9 mg (3x/week) - so will follow the idea to "kick start" the dosage the first 2 days or so. Looking at the graphs it clearly shows...
  15. J


    Thanks for all the great information - pellice - yes I am not worried about the higher INR that I need to be in. The 6 or so days to get back into range are a concern. You mentioned that you consider to increase the initial dosage - I had the same thought - maybe a 10% increase for day 1 or 2...
  16. J


    pellice - thanks for all this very usefull information. I am now also facing my first colonoscopy after AVR in 2016 and are advised by my doctors to bridge with Heparin. Reading your posting it sounds that your are not in favor to bridge with Heparin (my textbook regime: stop Warfarin 5 days...
  17. J

    After 13 years in the "waiting room", surgery date is set for June. Let me know if agree with my plans...

    Unfortunately yes. First year post OP followed ON-X „recommended“ range and stayed around INR 2-2.2. After the devastating incident now 3.5 years at INR 2.5-3 and no problems. Conclusion: Do not follow the ON-X marketing BS and read the entries in the MAUDE database from the FDA.
  18. J

    After 13 years in the "waiting room", surgery date is set for June. Let me know if agree with my plans...

    I want to emphasize what is stated in this post. Please don‘t fall for the marketing ploy of an INR of 1.5-2 for the ON-X valve (don‘t ask me how I know...) and stay at the safe 2.5-3.
  19. J

    Coaguchek xs test strips.recall

    Unfortunately I can 100% confirm your statement. Roche - after two communications with them - is refusing to follow through with the FDA mandated recall actions and is is NOT replacing my test strips since I am a home tester. If you read the cases in the MAUDE database then you see that...
  20. J

    Coaguchek xs machine

    I buy my own strips and typically order them through eBay. About $250 for 48 strips. Never had a bad experience.