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    Anyone get skin eruptions/bad rash from warfarin?

    If your husband is also on Bisoprolol to regulate his hear rate as a beta blocker, then THAT has a very high impact on Psoriasis-types of skin issues. I was put on Bisoprolol myself after my mechanicals were installed and I came out with dreadful Psoriasis, until I was take off Bisoprolol. I was...
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    Some photos to relax with.

    Hi All... I spent 12 glorious years living in Granada, Spain. A stunning city with a magical mixture of Moorish and Spanish architecture. A few of my "creations" for your delectations.... There are zillions of classic photos of The Alhmabra Palace around, but I always enjoyed taking different...
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    Aspirin in conjunction with Warfarin

    Folks - I'm rather confused. I have read the last few posts, however was told quite categorically by my cardio and subsequent doctors that Aspirin was most def NOT to be taken when on Warfarin. Paracetamol WAS an option, however, and I do take one (with added codeine) when needed, and have had...
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    For me, two surprises.. 1. I was STILL alive, and 2. My Emotions. Since my surgery, despite being a somewhat bullish and boorish 60 year old, I tear-up at the slightest twinkle. Apparently this is a known side-effect, and in truth its not an issue, but it can get a bit frustrating at times
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    Finaly its going to happen friday the 23st

    Good luck and keep positive - the BEST way to recover!
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    What have you been doing lately?

    Great idea this, but sorry for the lengthy reply in advance. So - took a plane to Amman in Jordan. Then got on another plane to bring me to Riyadh in Saudi. Am here in the middle of the desert installing a giant amusement park which will run for the month of January, and then get home mid-Feb to...
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    Surgery this Friday

    Maybe you did, but in order to watch yet another bloody Liverpool match........?? Haha - well done old chap! Join the club, and you're damned welcome to be a member.
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    BAVD And Weed?

    My input - 4 what its worth..... Despite my youth, I can't finish a day without a jolly-good spliff. I have one or two in the evenings - every evening. I am teetotal, so this is my 'vice' (apart from all the others..... ) When I was admitted to hospital in a state of near death, they took a full...
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    BAVD And Weed?

    Incoming adult joke (don't read if you can't handle it, as offensive reposts will be massacred!!) Do you know what Bill said to Ben? Bill: Flobbedee le blob a dee blob Ben: Okay, then, if you really MUST swallow...;...
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    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    Jeez - thats quite a cocktail. Hope it works for you.....
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    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    Hey all - I JUST found the perfect pain relievers. Pull up a chair and listen closely........ Firstly, you go to the forest and find ypurselves some magic mushrooms. Hydrate them a little (when you are home and safe from marauders or gangsters) and then slowly chew them. BTW - don't EVER take...
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    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    Hi Nick No - sadly I suffer fromAnkylosing Spondilitis, and have been for 25 years although it was only diagnosed last year! As a result - much structural damage, difficulty walking and also - more importantly - difficulty breathing as my ribcage has now seized-up. As to whether this was...
  13. Dodgy Ticker

    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    Well - hello fellow sufferer!! I have the same problem, due to Ankylosing Spondlitis, and my back and neck are genuinely ruined. But due to Warfarin, I am also stuck for pain relief. What I take is a capsule that is combines Paracetamol and Codeine. I have no idea whether you can get these in...
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    AVR a week from Today, Yikes

    You'll NEVER guess what my Ex said to me..... Because I hadn't done the vacuuming of the house, she screamed her head off at me and told me to drop dead. So I thought - "i'll teach the bitch" - and I did indeed drop dead!! But as I don't like cutting off my nose to spite my face, I thought...
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    Overwhelmed about warfarin

    Hi Emma and welcome to our world... Not a long message, but just one more word to say that it is all cool, and that provided you stick to taking a couple of pills per day, there is not much to worry about. The ONLY issue I potentially see, which has not been touched-on so far here, is that if...
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    Should I Stil Have Shortness Of Breath One Week Post Surgery?

    Great news, and long may the improvement continue...
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    Should I Stil Have Shortness Of Breath One Week Post Surgery?

    Not wanting to put the fear of god into you, but a potentially early warning by telling you of my own experience. The chances that you have the same or similar is somewhat (or highly) unlikely, however you never know.......... Prior to my twin valve replacements, I was - as you say - SOB. I...
  18. Dodgy Ticker

    Post Surgery long-term followup with cardiologist

    Although Pellicle doesn't need seconding, I will second what he says. Just had my 3rd annual post-op check, and cardio doesn't want to see me for 2 years, unless there is an issue. They (including your own doctor) will listen to whether there are leaks, and the pump is working properly, but all...
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    I can't stop crying

    A serious post from me, for a change!! I was wondering whether anyone else was suffering from this issue and if so, has anyone found a solution? Ever since my life changed and I had my two beloved valves installed, I find myself crying at almost everything. I am in the middle of watching The...
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    Warfarin is very tweaky

    A REALLY interesting discussion, and thanks once again Pellicle for being so (thankfully) anally retentive in your detail obsession! When I first started using Warfarin, the warfarin nurse (yes, the hospital had a dedicated one..) gave me the full official briefing. But in the end she just said...