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    High diastolic and visual auras

    Thank you for the Tramadol effect note.
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    High diastolic and visual auras

    2nd OHS September 1922 a complete redo done at Baylor Houston TX (aortic valve replacement w/ascending aortic aneurysm repair - 1st surgery Wichita KS April 2021). The following 3-6 months my visual migraines increased, some times 3 or 4 in a day, no pain but it was disturbing the frequency. Now...
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    17 years with my Edwards bovine

    For me it’s good to hear about the longevity of tissue valves. On April 8, 2021 at age 67 I had an Aoritic Inspiris Resilia of 21mm. The valve has healed, seems to be working fine. At the same time they did an aortic ascending aneurysm patch which is now ballooning at both ends, growth being...
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    Late Complications of Aortic Graft?

    My OHS for the valve replacement and aneurysm repair was done April 8, 2021. I see my cardiologist June 23, 2022 and hope to get some clarification regarding what my surgeon told him about the new aneurysm at both ends of graft. Since the surgeon told me to come back for CAT scan late August...
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    Late Complications of Aortic Graft?

    I’m the patient (sister posted with my okay) to the best of my understanding the graft not attached to the valve. They also inserted a tissue Inspiris Resilia that seems to have healed fine. I wasn’t sure what to ask original surgeon and assume I am in waiting mode of aneurysm as my next appt is...
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    Pls if anyone has their valve replaced with the inspiris resilia comment.

    TellTaleHeart reply: Cardiologist had been following my congenital heart defect since before 2012 and I feel certain that I had COVID in January 2020 before it was publicly announced (I believe this exacerbated my condition to have operation 10 years earlier than expected). I had both a Resilia...