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  1. KatherineA

    I can't stop crying

    Hi yes, I certainly did. The first few months after. Then I was querulous to say the least and then I sought some counseling which helped. Shouldn’t it be normal to be a little all over the place emotionally? after all literally heart was opened up. And surprisingly, this second year...
  2. KatherineA

    Chest/sternal pain

    I started yoga at 9 weeks because my instructions said the usual lifting restrictions you have discussed. No one would tell me if certain poses were ok or not. Downward Dog and plank are “lifting” the body. At least to me. So I did arm stretches, shoulder work. I found an NIH study that...
  3. KatherineA

    Pumphead - Brain Monitor - anesthesia

    I don’t know @tom in MO. Even before I saw earlier article on pumphead and heart lung machine, over this past year plus several months, I have thought a lot about what I would do when this biological valve fails. I’ve thought about it a lot, because I cannot do so many mental tasks yet as...
  4. KatherineA

    Pumphead - Brain Monitor - anesthesia

    I know I was completely delusional for at least 3 days after the valve surgery. And an episode of severe anxiety depression after for several months. I’m prone to anxiety depression. However I had successfully managed it without medication for 10 years prior to surgery with meditation...
  5. KatherineA

    How did you discover your valve issue?

    I went for a routine and much anticipated physical in January 2015. I was very excited because I had lost a lot of weight I have been working out with a trainer I was finally getting some muscle I felt like I was in the best shape of my life. My regular doctor couldn’t see me so I saw a new...
  6. KatherineA

    Breathing Tube Fear

    I woke with the breathing tube in and remember feeling like t could take 2 breaths and not the third for what seemed like forever. Like I was drowning. The next thing I remember about it is waking up once more with the tube and the most excruciating pain in my back left shoulder. I panicked...
  7. KatherineA

    Cbd ?

    I don’t have warfinin my after care with the biological valve. Consequently, I cannot speak to that issue. I can speak to my CBD experience though. I love the CBD products. I started using them for the after surgery blues and when I started doing cardio type workouts in addition to the yoga...
  8. KatherineA

    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    Hi @Croooser ! Wishing you all the best! Your setup with the tests and surgery at Cleveland is the same as mine was! It was amazing how organized and smooth all the preliminary tests and surgery day activities were. I too was “of the age” for the first valve surgery at 70. 71 now. I too...
  9. KatherineA

    A Fib disappointment / Setback

    I’d go with the surgeon. Drugs for life after one episode so soon after surgery? Everyone has a comfort level or not with drugs, especially beta blockers. I do not based on my experiences with them. So there is that perspective. I think there always should be the opportunity to discuss...
  10. KatherineA

    Mental recovery

    Oh Yes! This exactly! Thank you so much. I too started using an affirmation, I am healthy, I am Safe, I am loved when I feel that “something is wrong”. I too had zero symptoms until the valve was so calcified it was ridiculous I was walking around. I think that is part of that unease with...
  11. KatherineA

    Mental recovery

    For me the physical part of the surgery was way easier than the mental recovery. I had no idea about what to expect in the emotional way and felt so crazy for feeling so sad and angry when I thought I “should” feel happy and grateful. I had been in grief counseling just before surgery because...
  12. KatherineA

    Covid Vaccines

    Thank you @kimcdougc I moderate a little community forum and hiding a thread is a simple task or can be with the software set up
  13. KatherineA

    Covid Vaccines

    I have a non mechanical valve. Both shots done and down as of April 2. Biggest thing was a sore left arm and tiredness for about 3 days after the second Moderna shot. 71. New valve Jan 2020. care For your fellow humans as well as yourself and family and get the shot and turn off your news...
  14. KatherineA

    2nd OHS scheduled for April 19th 2021, at 67 yrs

    Good job @Luckyguy17 ! Happy for your successful surgery!
  15. KatherineA

    Tomorrow 's the day

    Wishing you all the Best! sorry I missed this last night! I’m sure youand Your perfect toenails are on their way to the repaired and happy side!
  16. KatherineA

    U of M vs Clevland Clinic

    If you can see Lars Svensson or Dr. Johnson (surgeon) at Cleveland. Hands down the best. I was out of the hospital on day 4 with an aortic valve repair included with the valve I’m a year out of surgery (January 7, 2020) plus a lfew weeks, and having my yearly at Cleveland via virtual. I’m...
  17. KatherineA

    AVR and aneurysm repair tomorrow

    Me too on the Metoprolol. Too many side effects, especially debilitating depression. I tried no beta blockers for about 4 months. That didn’t work either. Currently on the atenolol at the lowest dose 25 mg. It’s so much better. No side effects after the first 6 weeks, so far anyway
  18. KatherineA

    Tomorrow is my day for AVR

    Best wishes and looking forward to your return and stories of recovery!
  19. KatherineA

    AVR and aneurysm repair tomorrow

    Welcome! And we will see you again soon!
  20. KatherineA

    Honest Answers

    @JannerJohn I had virtually no big symptoms ever. During 2019, I got gradually more tired. But I blamed it on being 69, the dust and unusual heat we had that summer etc. I quit teaching yoga, but still maintained my own practice, a huge vegetable garden, mowing etc. I had no chest pain...