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    Advice on minimizing scarring from open heart incision

    I did expose my surgery to the sun extensively in the first year and it looks darm red. It doesn't bother me much. I just love to be alive and enjoy the sun.
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    Medication after Aortic Valve Replacement are you taking?

    I had the same surgery and was prescribed Metropolol after surgery which gave me depression and low energy. I told the cardiologist to change me back to Atenolol that I was taking before surgery. I regained my energy and started feeling happy the next day. The cardiologist told me that...
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    Medication after Aortic Valve Replacement are you taking?

    I was on Atenolol for over 20 years. At 34 when I had my aortic valve replaced the second time I was put on Metropolol. I was feeling tired and depressed for 3 months and I told my cardiologist about it and asked to be changed back to Atenolol. After the second day on Atenolol I started feeling...
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    9th year on St Jude

    Have a long happy life!
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    Heartbeat shakes body when lying down on your back

    I had the same surgery as you back in 2015. I had similar issues. It took me more than 1 year to try to get accustom with the new me. It will get better.
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    Retained pacing wires

    I do not have a pacemaker, I just have the wires from 21 years ago.
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    Retained pacing wires

    Hi, I have pacing wires since I was 10 years old in 1991 when I got my 1st aortic valve replacement. I had my second aortic valve and aorta replaced in 2015 and need to get regular CT to check on how my aorta repair looks like. Unfortunately, I cannot have MRI because of the pacing wires.