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    One Year Anniversary ! Feb 4 2022 Feb 4 2023

    Probably you had both stenosis and regurgitation. Best of luck to you!
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    One Year Anniversary ! Feb 4 2022 Feb 4 2023

    I am confused, as your profile info says "regurgitation", not stenosis. I am in the waiting room for now.
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    One Year Anniversary ! Feb 4 2022 Feb 4 2023

    Congratulations! May I ask, did you have any degree of stenosis, or it was pure regurgitation? How are you doing now?
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    Echo test results, advice welcome

    bb81 Level 1 (mild) regurgitation is of no real concern in any valve. Level 2 (moderate) varies quite broadly in volume and severety, generally the aortic valve surgery is indicated starting from moderate-severe and worse. Often the eccentric jet adds to the margin of error in quantifying the...
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    Aortic valve replacement with thoracic aortic aneurysm

    I think it depends if the aortic root is involved in the aneurysm. The coronary arteries are connected to the root and need to be reattached to the new prosthetic aorta. This is the delicate step in a surgery, there's no need to risk and leave what few is left below the coronary arteries, since...
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    Foldax Continues

    Actually Foldax aortic valve has the cuff outside diameter of up to 36mm, so a large annulus should be covered, and intra-annular implantation should be possible too, which gives annulus size of 36mm. Good.
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    BAV Club Membership, Feb 2023, Singapore

    Thanks for the story. Had you considered any options other than the mechanical valve? Is your ascending aorta normal, or enlarged?
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    34 Year old man awaiting Aortic valve replacement / repair

    Hello, what's your problem - regurgitation or stenosis?
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    Foldax Continues

    In case of polymeric flexible valves I can see why there may be a difference in engineering between aortic and mitral valves. For example wider and/or shorter valve may require more strength in the flexible cusps.
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    Foldax Continues

    So far Foldax only has valves up to 27mm. Only mitral are bigger.
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    Foldax Continues

    Of course not the human mitral valve, but the mitral mechanical prosthesis. Here's example Use of an inverted On-X mitral valve in the aortic position in a resource limited setting - PubMed They call 30mm annulus "excessively large". @pellicle Yes, backward facing.
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    Foldax Continues

    How realistic is the scenario when patient's annulus is too large for most valves? Mine for example is 29 mm. I heard sometimes the only option is using the mitral valve in aortic position.
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    I'm a little worried! Valve leakage!!

    If the leak is through the valve, it's normal. If paravalvular, not, but mild to moderate is not too significant anyway.
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    Need Help Choosing! 14 Questions For Those With Mechanical Valve + Warfarin

    May I ask, have your surgeons told you about any delicacies with installing the mechanical valve in a large annulus? It seems to me that you are getting the valve only, without the aorta prosthesis (no Bentall), and annulus 33 is larger than most of the aortic valves. Sometimes surgeons use...
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    Not doing surgery

    I'll just say that death on the operating table or even later in a hospital after a failed surgery is much easier. One famous soviet heart surgeon whose book I've read thought so, and it appears reasonable.
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    New member joining three years post AVR

    Hello and welcome. It would be nice to hear how you came to your AVR and how having the surgery worked out for you.
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    Random BP question

    People say that the BP normalises, and I hadn't AVR myself. I know for sure from my athletic experience that the heart is very adaptive.
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    Random BP question

    Your BP probably will normalize after the AVR. Before that, I'd keep it low to ease the heart. 106/73 is not unbearably low, its just you are used to hypertension IMO. And good luck to you on your surgery.
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    BadMad returns but facing 3rd OHS

    @badmad Thanks for the feedback, this kind of feedback makes us awaiting believe that people may be leaving this forum to live their life in the end. :D
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    AVR on Nov 21, 2022

    They combined Ozaki with Bentall/David, sewing the cusps made of pericardium into a dacron conduit. Why not just do a bio-Bentall escapes me, my version is because patient's annulus is dilated to 30mm, which is bigger then the biological valves available. Somewhat cowboy surgery, but the patient...