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    52 years on ONE valve

    Today marks 52 years since I got my "ping pong ball aortic valve" installed......8/16/1967-8/16/2019. At my age of 83+ I now check the newspaper obituaries see if my name is there yet ;) and notice that most of the folks listed are younger than me, so I guess my AVR can be...
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    adding a quote from an earlier post to my post

    I can't figure out how to add a "quote" from an earlier post to my current post.
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    After all these years.......a new problem

    After living successfully with my old mechanical valve for over 51 years I have developed a new, significant, Aortic Aneurysm currently measuring 5.8 cm. I just left an appointment with a trusted surgeon where we discussed, candidly, the "risk vs reward" of this type of major...
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    Possible Coagxs strip problem

    I just received a registered letter from my coaguchek supplier. Some strips from a number of lots have given some bad INR numbers. If you have had INR readings above 4.5 with any strips from any of the affected lots you need to get a confirming INR from a different source. Apparently this is not...
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    51 years and still clicking!

    Today is the 51st anniversary of my OHS 8/16/67......and my docs said my valve would only last 50 years. I'm glad they where wrong:Smile:
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    Bob Baker information

    I've seen recently that RCB (Bob Baker), may have passed away? Anyone have additional information?
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    Problems with "Profile" and deleting old "Notifications"

    I have read that many are having trouble with this website. I cannot open the "Profile" of any member, including myself and I cannot delete any "Notification" where someone has quoted me in their post. Are these problems affecting anyone else. I have also noticed that the "traffic" on this...
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    INR and Egg Noodles

    Today, while doing my weekly hospital visits, I talked with an older gentlemen who had received a tissue valve and also had a chronic Afib procedure done. He will be taking warfarin from now on and was a little overwhelmed after reading a pamphlet concerning warfarin and vit K foods. I glanced...
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    365 days to go

    Today is the 49th anniversary of my Aortic artificial valve. By coincidence, I also had my annual checkup with my Cardio today......and I'm good to go for another year. I have now lived long enough to begin having old age health issues. Altho the valve is doing great I have developed A-fib...
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    Invalid data message

    Each time I post a message to an existing tread I get an "invalid data" message.......but the post goes thru anyway. This just started to occur and it is happening on every post.
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    colored bars under screen name

    I'm curious. There is a "bar" under the picture and screen name on posts. Some are partially filled in with a "golden color". What do they signify?
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    47 years(Aug 16, 1967).....and counting

    I had my annual checkup, number 47, with my Cardiologist today and these checkups seem to get a little more scary as I get older, I keep waiting for "the other shoe to drop" and for him to tell me that the valve needs replacing. His only comment was "I'll see you in a year for your next...
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    thread colors

    Why are some of the"topics" on Todays Topics red and some blue?
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    Guest "how to reply" question

    I just tried to answer guest question about "how to reply" and the computer tells me "bad data" and refused my reply post. I thought you had to join the forum before being able to post, or reply. Is this another glitch in the new program? Meanwhile, welcome to the guest.....we are not...
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    Fourteen stitches and didn't "bleed out"

    I just returned home from Emergency Care Center after a 2" gash in the fatty part of my left hand. I did it with a box cutter while stripping a golf grip off of club. Required fourteen stitches to close wound. While there was a lot of blood from the cut, it only took the stitches to stop the...
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    46 years, Aug 16,1967......ONE valve

    In 1967 my docs told me that this Starr-Edwards heart valve would last 50 years. I'm pretty sure I didn't believe them, but I did "take it on faith" that it would extend my life beyond age 40....which was the age they told me I wouldn't make without corrective surgery. I read with interest...
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    45 years

    Today is the 45th anniversary of my surgery....Aug. 16,1967. Who'd a thunk it!!
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    This may only be coincidence...but

    Those of us on Warfarin try to manage our diets, activities, etc. in order to keep our INRs within a safe range and make dosing adjustments as needed......assuming that our diets or habits are to blame if we get out of range. My recent experience indicates that the real culprit MAY be the Rx...
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    Taro warfarin question

    The spring of this year,2012, I switched to Taro warfarin(5mg tabs) for a weekly dose of 35mg. My INR, which had been consistantly in the 2.5-3.5 range, abruptly dropped into the 2.1-2.6 range beginning about 5 months ago and immediately after beginning Taro. Earlier this year, I had taken...
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    Rx identification safeguard

    Yesterday, my wife, who is a retired RN, was given a "wrong" prescription by her Walmart pharmacy. While it was not a critical mistake, it was a serious drug switch. She went online and found that Rx drugs should have the "strength", "color" and "shape" of the drug listed on a sticker that is...