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  1. leadville

    Why I am here

    It takes time and effort to post, we all have busy lives, i applaud the regular posters for the valuable information shared. Keep up the great work (y)
  2. leadville

    Importance of self-management

    Hi, my area offers the machine for free and my doctor prescribes the test strips. I buy extra strips & lancets from Roche ( Vat free ) as i prefer to test weekly ( best practice ) I'm required to email my INR to my AC clinic to keep the prescription hassle free The AC clinic will dose you...
  3. leadville

    my time has come

    I was asymptomatic too , i was convinced they had it all wrong Very similar in age Best of luck (y)
  4. leadville

    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    Hi , I don't use different foods to raise or lower my INR i just eat more of certain foods or remove those same foods from my diet for a few days that i know affect me. There are the usual suspect foods but i only know my own bodies reactions and having 9 years experience so far i have fine...
  5. leadville

    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    It must be how our bodies metabolise the Drugs ? Yes i find by adding or withholding certain foods i can tweak my INR in a more controlled manner than by adjusting my dose. I do dose adjust if needed though, but it's not my preferred option over the last years
  6. leadville

    Need an MRI

    I had totally forgotten about the St jude card i was given I have taken a look at it and it says my SJ is safe up to 3T It's interesting to read as it also details the serial number Along with the dosing book i was also given a AC card with the same details & AC range to carry in my wallet...
  7. leadville

    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    Same dose protime, i've been 15mg for a while now (y) Depending on my INR i adjust the food rather than my dose unless it goes too far off target. Listening to this forum's advice about dose changes setting off the roller coaster i resist dose changes now if possible and it seems to help my...
  8. leadville

    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    me too DIck, absolutely , 10 weeks is poor advice I posted this to show the professional advice i was given I have read on this forum to "listen" to the experts I have decided to ignore the advise & continue to test weekly I think my Sarcasm may have been lost in the translation :cool:
  9. leadville

    Staying the Course -- 10/01/2019

    I hope everything goes well with this for you both
  10. leadville

    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    I test weekly & self dose....... However, to qualify for my prescription i need to email my AC clinic Today i was 3.0 The clinic advised me i need to test again in 10 weeks :unsure: It's solid advice from them and bang on with best practice
  11. leadville

    Just had my TAVR two days ago.

    wishing you a speedy recovery Ladybug ❤
  12. leadville

    CoaguChek error 8

    So to update this thread iv'e had my new machine for a little over a year which i use weekly last week i had a NHS Lab venous blood draw followed within minutes with a finger stick test on my Coaguchek XS to check the results for my own curious mind Lab draw 2.6 Coaguchek XS...
  13. leadville

    Need an MRI

    I have a st Jude in the Aortic position and I've had a few MRI since my surgery No problems at all Most modern prosthetic heart valves are considered safe in the MRI at up to 1.5 T, If your Scanner is one of the modern 3T it may be worth checking although i suspect that's fine too I did...
  14. leadville

    Staying the Course -- 09/08/2019

    Rootin for you Bob
  15. leadville

    5 Years

  16. leadville

    Getting Ready For 2nd AVR - 29 Years Old

    Warfarin has proven history, it's not an exact science by a long shot but it is easy to live with and monitor. After the first few months the INR usually settles down and you learn to adapt and grow comfortable with weekly testing. There are plenty of us active types on this forum so you can...
  17. leadville

    Getting Ready For 2nd AVR - 29 Years Old

    Ventoux is a beast (y)
  18. leadville

    Murmur after surgery

    pretty cool bumping across the Kangaroos (y)
  19. leadville

    What's in a name?

    Leftie eh ? My dad is a southpaw, hes 76 and loves building stuff I always help him out and he does everything the wrong way, his drill has the handle on leftie he always sets out back to front, when we lift something heavy he always walks the opposite to me. He says righties have it wrong and...
  20. leadville

    What's in a name?

    We all have our own idiosyncrasies , if words are important to you then stick with it I hope i have spelt that correctly 😂 I can't cope with a picture frame out of true 😧