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  1. DJ-Rae09

    Happy Australia Day

    And I hope it doesn't change! Happy Aussie Day! 🇦🇺 👍
  2. DJ-Rae09

    Tell me your rxperiences

    correct, it's all temporary. this helped me get through recovery on the things I couldn't do post AVR. but as the days, weeks went past it all got better and easier :) and soon enough you're doing activities like you were pre surgery. for me I'm coming up to 6 months post AVR. the surgery and...
  3. DJ-Rae09

    4 weeks post op today

    2.3 is you my target range is 2.5-3 but it's a small window to stay in constantly I think. During the recent xmas silly season break, I made the executive decision to make it 2.5-3.5 as the booze factor increased my INR, so I had to closely monitor it and made a few adjustments...
  4. DJ-Rae09

    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Good luck Dave. You'll be on the other side shortly and starting the recovery process!
  5. DJ-Rae09

    Ten years ago today...

    Is this photo taken in the local boozer?? :)
  6. DJ-Rae09

    Ten years ago today...

    So you got your replacement valve at 48 then? I just had mine done at 43 and hoping the mech valve out lasts me :) Congrats on the 10 and many more to come!
  7. DJ-Rae09

    Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone

    Merry Xmas @pellicle and thanks for the INR help the past 5 months 👍
  8. DJ-Rae09

    Blood Thinners (and why they aren't)

    oh geesus :ROFLMAO:
  9. DJ-Rae09

    Blood Thinners (and why they aren't)

    :ROFLMAO: and I have it everyday, not by itself but on my morning toast It provides a good dose of Vit B :)
  10. DJ-Rae09

    New here, getting Ross procedure

    Welcome to the other side :) Take it easy through recovery and listen to your body. Walk as much as you can, take it day by day. Your heart rate should calm down overtime. My HR was around the mid 80s following surgery (normally 60s pre surgery) and it came down after about 2 months. I was...
  11. DJ-Rae09

    Need Help Choosing! 14 Questions For Those With Mechanical Valve + Warfarin

    1. At what age did you get your mechanical valve? 43 2. How long did you have / have you had your mechanical valve for? 4 months now 3. If your valve failed, what was the reason? N/A 4. Do you self manage your Warfarin, or go to a lab? I'm self managing 5. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being...
  12. DJ-Rae09

    AVR on Nov 21, 2022

    Welcome to the other side! Glad it has all gone well. The recovery starts now! Do lots of walking as and when you can👍
  13. DJ-Rae09

    'per patient year' question

    Hi mate, I'm fresh into Wafarin therapy and INR self management. Yes the chances of a stroke or bleed are there, but if you manage your INR at home and keep it in range majority of the time, the risks are low as outlined in previous posts here. I was fearful of being on Wafarin for the rest of...
  14. DJ-Rae09

    What have you been doing lately?

    What's your address I can help you drink when ready? *joking* IPAs are my favorite style of beer, especially the US west coast IPAs. But also like the New England IPAs too :) You guys in the US have so much more craft beer to choose from. In Australia where I live, we have a pretty good craft...
  15. DJ-Rae09

    What have you been doing lately?

    I'm enjoying my post OHS life. It's been 4 months now post surgery. Back to normal doing all the things I was doing (plus more) pre surgery. This month I built a new gaming PC for from scratch (I work in IT too) with pedals and wheels to play F1 2022. I haven't built a PC in years, but its what...
  16. DJ-Rae09

    Greetings from Virginia - aortic valve replacement in my future

    Hi Mate, I had AVR with a mechanical valve (Medtronic) July this year. I like you was scared about Wafarin and the noise of the valve. Then I found this forum and it put a lot of my fears at rest. Now coming up to four months post Op, Wafarin is piss easy (aussie term for easy lol)....I test...
  17. DJ-Rae09

    AVR a week from Today, Yikes

    LOL good one!
  18. DJ-Rae09

    AVR a week from Today, Yikes

    Hi Mate, Good luck with your upcoming surgery. You're young so you'll bounce back quick! Be positive! I just had exactly what you're having 3 months ago (I'm 43). Sounds like you're having the Bentall procedure? Yeah it's natural to feel anxious and scared. It's a big operation but remember...
  19. DJ-Rae09

    Pre Surgery and Work

    In my experience of valve choice... My surgeon and cardiologist never pushed me down a particular path. They gave me the facts, pros and cons of each valve. The decision was mine as I have to live with it (as many folks have said here). My original surgeon said meet with the ROSS surgeon down...
  20. DJ-Rae09

    Recovery of Ejection Fraction post AVR

    Yeah, like you initially after surgery I was put on 25mg twice a day (take morning and night). My resting HR in hospital was around like the 80s, the BB would drop it down to low 70s / high 60s. I took metoprolol for 2 months post surgery and then started to wean off it and reduce dose. When I...