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    INR meter in India

    Sending you the DM
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    Getting confused - Questions re: Ross and other options - Severe AR

    Hospital: Medanta Gurgaon Surgeon: Dr. Anil Bhan
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    Getting confused - Questions re: Ross and other options - Severe AR

    Hi Shanith, I am from India too and had aortic valve replacement at 32. I went with Mechanical. Ross is complicated and it is not performed that common in India. Listen to what pellicle is saying. If I was in your position, I would choose in this order: 1) Mechanical would be the top...
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    Bicuspid valve , aneurysm and complication

    You are lucky. I begged my surgeon to replace 3.6 cm aorta along with the valve, but he refused. He mentioned that they are not allowed to do so below 4.2 cm.
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    Aortic Valve Choices

    You are highlighting negatives of mechanical valve and hiding negatives of tissue. Do you have tissue valve implanted by any chance ? Both are suitable based on person's age, lifestyle and many other factors.
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    Operation #2

    He beat me by few seconds..
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    Operation #2

    Hopefully pellicle will reply to this ...:)
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    Help me understand

    My Aorta was 2.1 in 2008. I started lifting heavy(at-least for me) weights and it grew to 3.8 in 2013. Stopped lifting weights, it has been stable for now. I had AVR in 2016, i requested my Surgeon to replace Aorta too which he didn't since size was < 42 mm. If he had done that, i would have...
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    Help me understand

    Do you still lift weights?
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    Leanring Experience

    I am also wondering why you had to stop Warfarin. When it comes to INR machines(had to buy 2 in a year), INR strips and Warfarin, i don't even bother about insurance. All this matter only while i am alive.
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    the futility (and pointlessness) of worrying about diet WRT INR

    I agree with pellicle. I have not seen contents of food affecting my INR much, and it is Indian food full of spices. I test weekly. I now eat whatever i want without thinking about INR. Quantity of food does affect INR though. Less food(20-30%) for few days increases INR a little. I have...
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    Mechanical heart valve often the safest choice

    Additional risk of endocarditis, clotting, bleeding and reoperations.
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    Persistent Upper Back Ache

    I don't know name for them. Google "yoga asan for back ache baba ramdev". Some of them are shown in videos(i checked the one with 7:23 duration). I had lower back pain.
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    Persistent Upper Back Ache

    I would suggest Yoga. It has worked for me. You need to spend just 5-10 minutes daily.
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    4 Days to decide between bio and mechanical aortic valve

    Chance of anything bad happening in 1 year = .02, chance of anything bad not happening in 1 year is 1 - .02 = .98. Total is always 1. Let's say we are dealing with n years. Chance that nothing bad happens during n years + Chance that something bad happens (in 1 or more years) = 1. There is no...
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    Not Sure How To Feel - But Mostly Fear, Shame, Selfishness And Guilt Right Now

    Not everybody is scared of it. I always remember that my life expectancy is around 20-25 years. I had surgery at 32, so that makes it less than 60 years. There is a old man in my village who had his valve replaced 10 years back. His teeth are horrible, he doesn't know about endocarditis, lpa...
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    Heart valve surgery outside the US.

    I am from India and had surgery done last year in Medanta Gurgaon by Dr Anil Bhan. He is one of the top valve surgeons in India. Total cost(including ON-X valve's cost) was around 8000 dollars. I would advise you to consider him. Many people from outside India come here for surgery.
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    Same thing happened to me during the surgery and i died after that.
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    On & off feverish/malaise after wisdom teeth removal (no pre-existing heart problem)

    I had little fever for over two weeks when i had wisdom tooth extraction done 2.5 years back. They had to cut a little bit of jawbone, it caused extensive pain and fever. I had bicuspid valve(it has been replaced now). I was not worried about endocarditis as the chance of happening it on...
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    Tissue Valves

    Tragic to whom? To the society or to the person who is dying. I saw few 80 years old whining like babies when i was in hospital for surgery. Society accept their death as natural, but they were really scared at the possibility of dying. Have you seen a 1 year old scared of death? It is just...