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  1. tobagotwo

    does anyone no what valave gradients are

    Here's a place in to look for what different terms and acronyms mean: Best wishes,
  2. tobagotwo

    No teeth cleaning or elective dental procedures for a year after surgery??

    There is no one-year restriction mentioned in the AHA or ACC guidelines that I can find. It's three months for a standard valve job; six months if part of the aorta is also replaced. As ElectLive points out above, the restriction is based on the growth of internal skin (endothelium) over the...
  3. tobagotwo

    High elevations for an AV stenosis / regurgitation patient

    It won't make the stenosis worse, but she may have difficulty breathing when she walks around. Maybe it would open her eyes to the danger. While there is risk from the surgery, there is also a link between how good a shape the heart is in at the time of the surgery and how well and how quickly...
  4. tobagotwo

    False Increases in INRs - QC doesn't catch - WARNING

    Flavonoids do not hang around - they are water-based. If you've already stopped the Quercetin for a couple of days, it's out of your system. So your timing is probably good. Frustrating when you can't trust things that you need to trust! Great catch, and great association of causative...
  5. tobagotwo

    False Increases in INRs - QC doesn't catch - WARNING

    When you find a relationship like this, it's important to get it on the books. The FDA has adverse event reporting for all types of things, and what they get from patients helps decide if the makers of flavonols need to display a warning against using with warfarin, or if the next person (who...
  6. tobagotwo

    Anyone ever have a feeling of fullness and heart pressure after eating a normal meal?

    I agree with a number of the earlier posters. I would still consider asking your cardiologist about taking a diuretic. Even if you don't show swollen ankles or other obvious symptoms, it doesn't mean that you body isn't hoarding water in unexpected places. I showed no symptoms of having any...
  7. tobagotwo

    Minimum time between tooth extraction and AVR

    After a "standard" AVR, a period of three months is usually recommended before below-gumline dental work, which includes extractions. If the aorta or root is also replaced or modified in the surgery, it's generally extended to six months. The time is to be sure that the endothelium (internal...
  8. tobagotwo

    Beta Blockers and romance

    Well, that's going to be hit and miss, because everyone is different. Bystolic is pretty popular, and seems to have less of a negative effect in that regard. Yet I'm sure there'll be someone who's had that issue with that brand as well. The chemistry involved is highly complex and subject to...
  9. tobagotwo

    Complete Non-Sequiter: PawPaw Tree Needs Mate

    Hah! We have mulberry trees: white berries and purple berries... Thank you,
  10. tobagotwo

    Which test is most crucial to decide about AVR ?

    Your condition will likely be tracked with echocardiograms until it gets to a final decision point for surgery. It's the primary diagnostic tool for gauging valve disease progression, an din the hands of a good echo technician, it can be extremely accurate. At that juncture, a TEE...
  11. tobagotwo

    Beta Blockers and romance

    Yes - switch to a medication that doesn't have that effect on you. Beta blockers are known for such issues, or issues (if you can believe it) of males not being able to complete what they start. Do not live with a medication that compromises the quality of your life unless there is no other...
  12. tobagotwo

    Complete Non-Sequiter: PawPaw Tree Needs Mate

    Totally non-heart related, unless you include the love lives of trees... I have a desperate tree. I've been planting pawpaws for years, but only one has grown to size. The rest die, no matter where I get them from, or where I plant them. Right now, that tree is massively covered with...
  13. tobagotwo

    The Ross procedure - best of both??

    Some thoughts... When it's successful, the Ross Procedure is the best of all worlds. No wearouts, no meds. Hands down the best. The quandary is that when the Ross is being used for someone with a bicuspid valve, it's extremely difficult to determine whether they are at risk of developing...
  14. tobagotwo

    Root Cananls and Mechanical Valves

    First, I would look for a dentist who will replace the amalgam filling with a ceramic casting - my dentist did that (some years ago) with several old, very large amalgam fillings. Problem solved. Amalgam never quite becomes fully hard, so as you bite down on it, it spreads the force of the...
  15. tobagotwo

    Update.. and advice?

    I applaud your cardiologist's notion of doing the surgery before your heart becomes a train wreck. Most cardios are so surgery-shy that they have a tendency to make patients wait too long. However, that being said, moderate regurgitation, especially asymptomatic, is not usually accepted...
  16. tobagotwo

    Coumadin and " romance"

    Warfarin is not known to have any negative effects on positive side of the male function. And priapism is not common with warfain at all (thank goodness!), nor with the many other drugs that can supposedly cause it: sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), papaverine...
  17. tobagotwo

    Pradaxa, Xarelto, Warfarin

    Both drugs (Pradaxa and Xarelto) are specifically NOT approved for use by anyone with a heart valve of ANY type, including tissue. They have not been tested for use with artificial valves, and the FDA does not want people to just "accidentally" graduate to a mechanical valve from a tissue valve...
  18. tobagotwo

    Tissue Valve - 10 yrs?

    The disproportionate number of unsuccessful valves you read about on this and other forums is a function of the forum's function, and not reflective of the success or longevity of the valves. Most people who get tissue valves simply move on after they recover. There's no longer any effect on...
  19. tobagotwo

    Stenosis VS. Regurgitation

    Aortic Stenosis is usually the result of a buildup of a mineral called apatite on and around your aortic valve. It stenoses the valve mostly just by taking up space that the blood should be flowing through. Eventually, it builds up in places that cause the valve not to be able to open fully...
  20. tobagotwo

    Need help - possible issue with on-x aortic valve replacement from 2010

    Although the On-X has anti-keloid properties, nothing has ever entirely overcome the ability for people to grow scar tissue near the site of a surgery. While nothing's impossible, I'd believe the chance of it being the valve itself is exceedingly low. Issues that happen with mechanical valves...