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  1. esvaja

    diastolic heart failure

    Thanks for the input. It is left ventricular. I will ask about myocardial fibrosis, but if it is worse than diastolic I will be mad at you.
  2. esvaja

    diastolic heart failure

    Pls don't get me going on why my cardio didn't catch it earlier. I have to move on & deal with the future. As far as my EF I haven't seen the report yet & compare it to the one I had last Feb
  3. esvaja

    diastolic heart failure

    Hell NO!!! I am stunned shocked. Pissed that I went through 2 AVRs & now this. But I will be seeing my cardiologist friday & hope fully he will be able to guide me as to some type of relief. I've also heard some mention of cardiologists that specialize in heart failure & I certainly will get a...
  4. esvaja

    diastolic heart failure

    High blood pressure, heart palpitations, extreme exhaustion & I get short of breath, sometimes even when I drink a glass of water. Unfortunately this has been getting worse over 2.5 yrs. . I Even had 2 ultrasounds & 1 cath during that time. Ended up being treated for high blood pressure & had my...
  5. esvaja

    diastolic heart failure

    Well I had my 1st AVR in 2011, 2nd 2021. I just found out that I have Diastolic heart disease/failure. One of the causes may be AVR or any heart surgery or sleep apnea or a -fib or high blood pressure. Not much out there except some negative stuff. Have any of you know of it? I guess just basic...
  6. esvaja

    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    I had my surgery for AVR, 2 CABG & a mitral valve repair at CC 4/20. I have no idea what went wrong but the intake Dr Collier was very arrogant & insulting when I tried to change surgeons (he recommended Dr Pettersson) Before they put me under I had an assistant reprimand me for my confusion...
  7. esvaja

    Have you had MV & AV replaced at the same time?

    I'm 66 yrs old & actI chose the bioprosthetic inspiris resilia valve because it's supposed to be calcium repellent ( 2nd replacement due to buildup & stiffening of 1st) & will mate with a TAVR if necessary in the future. I don't want to be tied to a drug & have to be monitored. I also worked in...
  8. esvaja

    4 weeks post AVR, aorta graft and CABG - my experience

    What type of sternal closure did they do? I had my 2nd replacement on 4/20/21 with a CABG & "bread ties" This was done at CC.
  9. esvaja

    5 myths of heart valve surgery Dr Marc Gerdisch

    I watched a webinar by this Dr on you tube. Since I'm still having pain in my sternum a month & a half after surgery (also went to ER about 2weeks ago) this had some interesting sternal closure info. I asked my surgeon about doing something different besides "bread tie" type of closure & he...
  10. esvaja

    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I believe there has been a study (it's not just anecdotal) That people with aortic valve problems most of them have auras, & very rarely with headaches. I've had auras since high school & I still have them. I've been telling people that I meet that complain of auras & have murmurs to ask to have...
  11. esvaja

    Ok what is this about?

    Well, I went to CC yesterday. Still don't like riding inna car for 2.5 hrs one way. But they put me me through some tests. They did not say my symptoms were normal, but that they would improve in 2-3 months. Like they say here I will have good days & bad days. Meanwhile I'm still having a little...
  12. esvaja

    Ok what is this about?

    I have an appt this Friday back in Cleveland. Plural effusion was a concern. When I was admitted last week through the ER last week the CAT scan & the ultrasound showed there was none to speak of. As of today there is not much difference but I can get about as long as I take the the meds. . I'm...
  13. esvaja

    Ok what is this about?

    No, I have to admit I stopped after 10 days post surgery because it was not helping. I saw my Dr yesterday ( he's a psych) & I once again renewed an RX that was prescribed for me before the surgery to relax me ( I am prone to anxiety attacks) at that time it helped me to recognize if I was...
  14. esvaja

    Chest tightness/numbness/hypersensitivity

    YES YES YES! Last time I had none of this stuff in 2011. I'm going back to CC this friday with those complaints & about the gosh darn pain & breathlessness.
  15. esvaja

    Ok what is this about?

    I have my 2nd AVR 4/20/21 at CC. My left 1/2 of my chest is numb, I can't take a deep breathe to the point I'm still short of breath & I have pain. I went to the ER last week here in AA MI in the middle of the night because of those things & I have an appt at CC this friday. I'm definitely in...
  16. esvaja

    Tomorrow 's the day

    I'm trying to get looses ends together, Even had my toenails polished - can't miss them fusia orange. Still not sure if I can have at least one person during the surgery & afterwards in ICU. This covid has messed so many people lives. Having a last glass of wine. I'm happy the wait is over &...
  17. esvaja

    Sternal closures??

    Wow, just wow after watching the video.
  18. esvaja

    Sternal closures??

    As far as sternal closures, has anyone had the Sternal Talons or Kryptonite glue after having the "bread ties"?
  19. esvaja

    Pls if anyone has their valve replaced with the inspiris resilia comment.

    Thank you for your responses!!! Is there anybody else out there with the Inspiris Resilia? Is that because it's only been out in the States for 2-3 yrs?