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  1. Nick Drew

    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    7 months today so good luck mate
  2. Nick Drew

    Some photos to relax with.

    Our beautiful Victorian pier in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire on of 56 in the UK-its relaxing to me!
  3. Nick Drew

    Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone

    thanks for your good advice and help mate @pellicle much appreciated
  4. Nick Drew

    Onyx aortic valve with 1.5-2.0 INR target

    i have an ON-X valve and my target is 2.0 to 2.5
  5. Nick Drew

    Need Help Choosing! 14 Questions For Those With Mechanical Valve + Warfarin

    At what age did you get your mechanical valve? 64 2. How long did you have / have you had your mechanical valve for? 5 months 3. If your valve failed, what was the reason? N/A 4. Do you self-manage your Warfarin, or go to a lab? I'm self-managing 5. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being annoying...
  6. Nick Drew

    'per patient year' question

    Here in the UK i was lucky the hospital sent me home with the device and a few strips, but my local surgery agreed to give me more strips so ok for a year. INR so far in range and when i record the number i mail to the local surgery who give me the dosage that day. Currently only being asked to...
  7. Nick Drew

    'per patient year' question

    ON-X fitted in June this year and managing warfarin at home (UK) apart from hearing the valve ticking which i have got used to i have not had any great problems so far. Did drink a bit but cut down and enjoying a wine or beer at the weekend but found my capacity to drink greatly reduced INR is...
  8. Nick Drew

    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    Hi i only joined this forum yesterday can i ask if your back and neck pain were due to surgery?
  9. Nick Drew

    New Here - AVR on 10/19/22

    it takes time mate maybe use the step counter on your phone if you have one and build up.I was in hospital 14 days pneumonia etc but built up from a 1000 and so on until i got back to normal but only do what you feel comfy with
  10. Nick Drew

    Mechanical Valve Noise and Quality of Life Study

    quite annoying at first but completely used to it now after 5 months. I also tried white noise but just get on with it now
  11. Nick Drew

    Bad Back after surgery

    I had valve replacement surgery in the UK on 27th June and since then get a bad back around 4 in the morning after going to bed at around 930PM.Does anyone else get this? I did not have it before the surgery