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  1. catwoman

    Minimally invasive mitral valve replacement

    I had MVR (St. Jude mechanical) 19 1/2 years ago. No problem with warfarin and I home-test. My native valve failed due to myxomatous tissue (degeneration). My cardiologist is now monitoring my aortic valve and has mentioned TAVR. However, I have read that TAVR is not a long-lasting answer to...
  2. catwoman

    How often you take Echocardiogram ultrasound test

    I am 19 1/2 years out from my MVR (St. Jude mechanical). I have had an echo every year since then. I am on a 6-month recheck now so my cardiologist can keep an eye on my aortic valve. My first recheck is Jan. 10. My cardiologist has been chief of cardiology and chief of staff at a hospital in...
  3. catwoman

    Evaluated for TAVR Tomorrow

    This thread has been very interesting and informative. I had MVR (St. Jude mechanical) on June 24, 2003. I adjusted to life on warfarin and I have home-tested for 19 years. I am 72 now. My husband died in July from Alzheimer's. My cardio is now monitoring my aortic valve. He has said that I...
  4. catwoman

    Post surgery: Cardiologist no longer part of routine?

    I am in the U.S. My St. Jude mechanical was implanted in June 2003. I have seen a cardiologist at least once annually since then. I am stable on warfarin and home-test. I adjust my own dosage, if needed (which is seldom). I would NEVER agree to let my own primary care provider monitor take over...
  5. catwoman

    Is this my meter, or me? (I suspect me)

    Viral infections and fevers will increase INRs.
  6. catwoman

    Gag reflex warfarin

    Perhaps if you tilt your head back far enough, you can drop the tablet(s) more straight down than tossing it into your mouth. I gag very easily (dental cleanings are a problem for me), which can lead to vomiting. I've had this problem since childhood. I've been on warfarin for 18+ years and have...
  7. catwoman

    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    Neither of my parents had any VR jobs. My dad died 1 month short of 87, my mother was 89 when she died. Neither took aspirin. My dad had right branch bundle block.
  8. catwoman

    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    Amy, you are looking for a cardiologist who will agree with your surgeon about taking aspirin. Not everyone needs to take aspirin, and some cardiologists put all patients on it; others weigh factors before advising patients to take it. I've had 5 cardiologists in the last 18 years. I have been...
  9. catwoman

    Cataract Surgery coming soon

    I did not. My range is 2.5-3.5 and the surgeon agreed to do the procedures 1 week apart with my INR @2.0. I explained to him I had only bridged once and developed an abdominal hematoma that landed me in the hospital for 15 days, so I did not want to bridge again. I tested at home and was...
  10. catwoman

    Pacemakers after Aortic Valve Replacement

    Valve jobs don't necessarily require pacemakers. But other cardiac issues can make one a lifesaver. And not all PMs are the bulky, traditional kind. My husband had MV repair in 2007 to replace chordae ruptured in a head-on car crash 17 months prior. He had temporary a-fib during recovery and...
  11. catwoman

    Tobagotwo has died

    Duffey, I am so very sorry to see this. Is there a link to an online obituary?
  12. catwoman

    Inverting sleep schedule on warfarin

    I agree with Tom in MO. I would talk to a primary care doctor about possible sleep apnea and undergo a study. My husband had undiagnosed sleep apnea for years. He once fell asleep sitting upright while we had visitors in our home one day around noon. He complained about almost falling asleep at...
  13. catwoman

    Why are you asked to sniff during an echo

    Neither my husband nor I have ever been asked to sniff during an echo. I’ve had echoes going back to 1990 at a variety of cardiologists’ practices and at one or 2 hospitals. My husband has his semi-annual cardio visit + annual echo in January. I’ll ask about the sniff test then. I have had...
  14. catwoman

    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    DachsieMom, Roche is still the manufacturer of all CoaguChek machines. It sounds as though you may be dealing with a 3rd party anticoagulation management vendor. Have you contacted your insurance company to find out what business they are paying? An EOB for your insurance may give you some info...
  15. catwoman

    Switched from name brand Coumadin to Jantoven 7 days ago and now have nausea

    I haven’t taken Jantoven, but I’ve taken Coumadin and generic from at least 3 manufacturers without any side effects or change in INR. I would have been among the first to become nauseated, based on decades of being sickened by the least little thing. I even keep generic Zofran on hand just in case.
  16. catwoman

    Paying for surgeries 100% cash

    I assume you are a U.S. citizen. Would you be enrolling in Medicare at age 65? (Please, no comments about stability of funding for Medicare or Social Security) If so, you may want to investigate having surgery in the U.S. (and have a Medicare Advantage plan vs. Original Medicare and...
  17. catwoman

    Coagucheck XS Test Strips Chip Code

    I bought 2 boxes of 24 strips in the spring. When I went to use the first batch, I got an error code of strips expired. Checked chip and found I had left the chip for the old batch in. Looked for chip for the new batch I was trying to use and couldn’t find it. I was ticked off, kicked myself and...
  18. catwoman

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    I have never taken Jantoven. However, I switched from Coumadin to generic warfarin in 2004 or early 2005 and have taken warfari manufactured by 3 or 4 pharmaceutical companies since then. I have maintained my regular eating habits all throughout. I may be unusual, but my INR has not wavered when...
  19. catwoman

    Abandoned operation

    First of all, I am quite surprised a surgeon would have scheduled you for any procedure only 3 weeks after being discharged for pneumonia. You may have been clear of any infection, but it takes longer than 3 weeks for the body to recover from pneumonia before inflicting heart surgery on it. And...
  20. catwoman

    Paravalvular leak

    I have a paravalvular leak. It was detected about 2 years after my MVR (2003). After that cardiologist retired, I switched practices around. 2008 and after an echo there, the new cardio ordered a TEE. He said that it was stable and could remain stable for years. I have not had a TEE repeat since...