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  1. DebbyA

    Aortic valve replacement and Covid

    Check with your doctor to see if Paxlovid is a possibility for you.
  2. DebbyA

    Chest pain and uncertainty

    My husband was having chest pain several years ago and it turned out to be a gall bladder problem. He went to ER, was checked for cardiology, nothing found. I followed Jerome Groopman's advice in How Doctor's Think: "what else could it be?", and googled to find the gall bladder possibility...
  3. DebbyA

    Need Help Choosing! 14 Questions For Those With Mechanical Valve + Warfarin

    1. 65 2. 10 years 3. My mechanical valve did not fail, but the tissue valve I got at 60 did. 4. Self-manage but insurance requires reporting to RemoteInr (formerly Coaguchek) who notifies my cardio who is supposed to monitor. 5. 7 the main annoyance for me is the contraindication for so many...
  4. DebbyA

    Not doing surgery

    I didn't read this whole thread, so sorry if this is a duplicate. An answer to the original question: The Choice??????
  5. DebbyA

    T - 2 days

    I loaded an audiobook onto my phone. Sometimes a book is awkward to hold in bed, and you don't need a reading light. It also helped block out the almost non-stop gabbing of my roommate's family. Best wishes for uncomplicated surgery and recovery!
  6. DebbyA

    My second valve replacement

    In case you were asking for my thoughts--I expressed the best I could the first time. From time to time people describe difficulty dealing with the sound, and I was worried about it in advance. Now I just notice it from time to time, and greet it as a friend. I usually hear it when I'm...
  7. DebbyA

    My second valve replacement

    I had a second AVR (at age 65) in 2014 because my porcine valve had only lasted 6 years. A cardiac surgical nurse told me I would be surprised how much patient care had improved in those few years, so you may benefit from even more improvement. I tried to reason myself into another tissue...
  8. DebbyA

    Continuing warfarin through wrist surgery

    A totally unscientific report that may be useful. Two weeks ago I fell and broke my right wrist badly enough that it required surgery. I was worried about bridging because of a near-disaster after mastectomy several years ago. The surgeon said he did not stop warfarin for this surgery because...
  9. DebbyA

    Eight years for second valve

    d333gs--I've never been an athlete. I walked regularly, hiked fairly regularly and went to the gym some the first few years. I think I just was on the short end of the curve of tissue valve longevity. I do know that one of the cusps was found to be torn, which explained the regurgitation I...
  10. DebbyA

    Eight years for second valve

    Second AVR after first (porcine) valve lasted only 6 years. This one has carried me past 70 and headed toward 75.
  11. DebbyA

    Recovery Time

    The flight should be ok. You'll be on warfarin, so you don't have to worry about deep vein thrombosis. You may still notice you feel tired sooner if you have a strenuous holiday planned (though probably some on here ran marathons after a month!) I had my redo at age 65, and see from my...
  12. DebbyA

    My Fathers Passing

    My condolences to you and your family. It's very generous of you to post his story to give comfort to others.
  13. DebbyA

    MOO is now 10!

    It's good to have you back, Steve! Happy 10th!
  14. DebbyA

    Tobagotwo has died

    This is so sad. I missed him so much when he stopped participating and have wondered over the years how he was doing. Thanks for letting us know, Duffey.
  15. DebbyA

    Fingernail changes??

    I've always had ridged nails, and frequently brittle, especially in the winter. My dermatologist told me to always use rubber gloves when my hands are in water, and to use something like Aquaphor on nails and cuticles at night. I blame my hair thinning on AI for cancer, but age could be a...
  16. DebbyA

    19 Year Anniversary

  17. DebbyA

    Anyone else on warfarin had a head injury?

    When I had a head bang my doctor said it was a good thing it was my forehead because that's the thickest part of your skull.
  18. DebbyA

    Joining the Valve replacement Family

    Welcome to the forum! You may have read that it was founded as a list-serve years ago by a young man who couldn't find anyone who had gone through valve replacement. I hope you don't encounter bureaucratic obstacles to your career. We recently endured a 7-week wildfire in Tucson, and the...
  19. DebbyA

    Possible Second OHS due to Aortic Valve being small from previous surgery

    Hi iren_999. I have some opinions, but have no medical qualifications. I read over some of your previous posts and saw that you were 72 when you got the first valve 4 years ago. It seems you lead an active and healthy life. I can understand your fear because of the error in the first valve...
  20. DebbyA

    52 years on ONE valve

    Happy Valversary, Dick! Thanks for sticking around the forum for so long.